Sebastien Loeb and Peugeot Rule Pikes Peak!

Somehow I missed this story.  I knew that Sebastien Loeb was going to compete at Pikes Peak this year in Peugeot, but somehow I just assumed that he would do well.  Possibly knock a few seconds off the record, but I thought that a big contributing factor would be due to the asphalt surface that now stretches to the top of Pikes Peak.  No more gravel on this fabled hill climb.  Then I found out what really happened!

Loeb’s Peugeot During Pre-Event Testing

Typically when the record time up the mountain is reduced it is by a few seconds.  The record as of 2012 was 9 minutes, 46.16 seconds set by Rhys Millen.  Then Loeb and Peugeot showed up this year.  In what only can be described as remarkable, Loeb lowered the record to 8 minutes 13.88 seconds.  In other words, he lowered the record by about 92 seconds!!  This is not just beating the record, that is pulverizing the record, or doing great bodily harm to the record.  It is almost unbelievable!

Look At The Diffuser On Loeb’s Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak Special

The reported power of the Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak Special is 875 horsepower.  The car is obviously fast.  I watched the entire run on Youtube and it appeared that Loeb left a few seconds on the mountain.  He looked very fast, but very controlled.

Loeb Pikes Peak Car (3)

Loeb At The Top!

Pikes Peak is quite a run with 156 turns over its 12.42 mile path to the top.  Peugeot and Loeb have set a very difficult mark for others to beat.  Due to the variability in the weather and thus the road conditions each year, it might be long time before Loeb’s record is broke.

The pictures presented in this post came from Peugeot and Red Bull.  Thanks!

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