A Nice 1965 Ford Mustang 2+2

Most of the older Mustangs that are on display at car shows are the higher optioned models or the  high performance models.  In contrast to those Mustangs, the 1965 Mustang featured in this post is a rather low-optioned model, that would be a decent driver that is more representative of the typical road-going Mustangs of the day.

Ford Mustang Fastback 1965 (1)

1965 Mustang Fastback or 2+2

The Mustang shown above is a model that was known both as the Mustang Fastback or occasionally as the Mustang 2+2.  In this model, nothing was changed with respect to the wheelbase, but the rear seat room was a little less and this combined with the lowered roof line made the rear space seem even more smaller.  As an option, the rear seat could be folded down to increase the storage space in the car.

Ford Mustang Fastback 1965 (7)

This Is A Rather Basic Mustang

The 1965 Ford Mustang was a landmark car that changed the North American automotive landscape to the present day.  The base price for the bone stock Mustang sedan was $2,368 f.o.b. Detroit.  The base price for the fastback or 2+2 model was a little higher at $2,589.

One of the major reasons for the rather low price for the Mustang was that it was based on readily available Ford Falcon running gear.  The body style with its long hood line and short deck line, which was the main selling feature of the car, was unique to the Mustang.

Ford Mustang Fastback 1965 (3)

The Mustang Fastback Model Was Not A Big Seller in 1965

The 1965 Mustang model “year” lasted some 20 months.  During that period Ford sold about 77,000 fastback or 2+2 models, 102,000 convertibles, and over 500,000 sedans or “trunker” models.  One reason that fewer fastback or 2+2 models were sold is that this model was not available when the Mustang first came out.  The 1965 Mustang fastback or 2+2 was a mid-year model added to the Mustang line-up.

Ford Mustang Fastback 1965 (4)

The Styled Wheels On This Car Were An Option

The vents located on the fastback pillars are functional.  These vents provided “flo-thru” ventilation with air extractor grilles to allow air to exit the passenger area.

Ford Mustang Fastback 1965 (8)

This Mustang Has The 289 Cubic Inch V8 Engine

In 1965, the early models had a 170 cubic inch inline 6-cylinder 101 horsepower engine as the base powerplant.  The optional engines were the 164 horsepower 260 cubic inch V8 engine, the sporty 289 cubic inch V8  engine with a four-barrel carburetor producing 210 horsepower, and the high performance 271 horsepower 289 cubic inch V8 engine.  During the 1965 model year, the base cylinder engine was improved to the 200 cubic inch inline engine that produced 120 horsepower.  Also the 260 cubic inch V8 engine was dropped in favor of the 195 horsepower 289 cubic inch V8 engine with a two-barrel carburetor, and the horsepower of the four-barrel carburetor version of the 289 V8 was increased from 210 to 225 horsepower.  I believe the Mustang fastback shown in this post, has the two-barrel carburetted version of the 289 cubic inch V8 engine, although I have seen the same decals on the air cleaner of a 271-horsepower 289 cubic inch V8 engine.

Ford Mustang Fastback 1965 (2)

Basic Mustang Interior

One of the reasons why I think that this engine is the base 289 cubic inch V8 engine is the transmission that is fitted in this car.  This car has the standard floor mounted three speed manual transmission.  My thinking is that if the original buyer of this car was the type of buyer who would order one of the high performance versions of the 289 cubic inch engine, then that person would have ordered the four-speed manual transmission as well, rather than stick with the standard three-speed manual transmission.

Ford Mustang Fastback 1965 (6)

This Mustang Has A “Three Beside The Knee” Transmission

The owner of this car has acquired several very impressive autographs on his passenger-side sun visor.  Jack Roush is a major figure in Ford racing in the USA and Edsel Ford II a great-grandson of Henry Ford.

Ford Mustang Fastback 1965 (5)

Note The Jack Roush and Edsel Ford Autographs

In summary, I like the rather low-key presence of this car.  It is a very solid, basic model representing a truly landmark car in the history of the Ford Motor Company.  And I like the color too!

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5 Responses to A Nice 1965 Ford Mustang 2+2

  1. bill says:

    Thank you i have one more thing.Is there a fuse leading to the coil in a 65 mustang 6 cylinder

  2. Lily Sanchez says:

    Hello, Im looking for help…I need to find a 1965 Fors Mustang2+2 GT 289 4speed front breaks… I want to buy want for him, he had one when he was young and he had to sell it…and he want one again…we’ve been searching for one online for a year or so…bur we havent been able to find one…please help me, I would appreciate youre help very much…thank you for your time…

  3. Joel brown says:

    I was 19 when I purchased new a mustang fast back 289 4 speed with white pony interior. I hope it is still on the road. Paint was lite metallic blue

  4. Peter says:

    It is a very nice colour, what’s the name of it if you don’t mind telling?

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