Kelly Silverthorn Aquires A Porsche For Targa New Zealand

This week I got an email from Kelly Silverthorn, a dedicated car guy from British Columbia and racer whom I met several years ago while competing in Targa Newfoundland.  Over the years I have kept in touch with Kelly and some of his car adventures, particularly closed road racing in Australia and New Zealand.

Kelly has bought a 1979 Porsche 911SC that he plans on competing with in Targa New Zealand.  Kelly will be sharing the driving with Hank Moore, who is one of the principles of the Squirrels of Fury racing team.  Kelly was part of the Squirrels of Fury team that recently competed in, and won, a 36-hour ChumpCar race in Spokane, Washington.  For the ChumpCar race, they had a Volkswagen Rabbit that won a hotly contested race with a Saab 9-5 Turbo from New York State.

Porsche 911SC 1979 Silverthorn (2)

Kelly Silverthorn’s new Porsche race car has previously been driven in Targa Newfoundland by the team of Richard Aten/Peter Welter of Florida.  The photo at the bottom of this post shows the Porsche in its Targa Newfoundland livery.

Porsche 911SC 1979 Silverthorn (1)

In 2014 Targa New Zealand will be celebrating its 20th anniversary so Kelly is looking forward to a special celebration of that significant aniversary.  Kelly has competed in this race several times before, but in the past he always used cars that he had rented from someone else.


The Porsche at Targa Newfoundland

I wish Kelly and Hank the best of luck at Targa New Zealand and I look forward to hearing how their race goes.

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