Jaguar Mk. II Sedan

When recently I attended a picnic held by Tom Jaycox in northwest Connecticut, there were a number of Jaguar cars on the site.  One of the nice Jaguars present was a Jaguar Mk. II sedan.  These Jaguar sedans are the cars that Jaguar used to say provide “Grace, Pace, and Space.”

Jaguar Mk II Sedan (1)

Jaguar Mk. II Sedan

The Jaguar Mk. II sedan was made from 1960 to 1967.  In total there were three Mk. II models that differed by their engine size – the 2.4, the 3.4, and the 3.8.  The production totals were as follows:

  • 2.4 Mk. II           25,070
  • 3.4 Mk. II           28,660
  • 3.8 Mk. II           30,070

For those of us in the USA, we did not see the 2.4 model at all as only the 3.4 and the 3.8 liter models were imported.  In addition, from the information that I have, it appears that the 3.4 liter model was only imported into the USA in 1960.  The car shown in these photos is a 3.8 model.

Jaguar Mk II Sedan (2)

The Wide Whitewall Tires Are An American Influence

The Jaguar Mk. II 3.4 model had the same 3.4 liter 6-cylinder dual overhead camshaft engine as found in the XK150, except that the MK. 2 had two SU carburetors, while the XK150 had three SU carburetors.  As a result the 3.4 Mk. 2 engine produced 210 horsepower, while the 3.4 liter XK150 engine produced 250 horsepower.

The Jaguar Mk. II 3.8 model had the same 3.8 liter 6-cylinder dual overhead camshaft engine with two SU carburetors that was used in the larger MK IX model.  This engine produced 220 horsepower.engine.  The same engine fitted with three SU carburetors produced 265 horsepower when installed in the Jaguar XKE models.

Jaguar Mk II Sedan (4)

Wire Wheels Give The Jaguar Mk. II A Classic Look

The Mk. II with the 3.8 liter engine would accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in about 10.0 to 10.8 seconds.  The car had a top speed of about 120 miles per hour.  In addition to having good performance for that era, the Jaguar Mk. 2 was fitted with four-wheel disk brakes.  This was unusual for most sedans available in the USA at that time.

Jaguar Mk II Sedan (5)

The Interior Is Very “Airy” Due To The Small Roof Pillars All Around

As far as pricing goes, in 1961, the base price of the Jaguar Mk. 2 3.8 was $4,915.  For comparison, the Jaguar XKE roadster sold for $5,595 and XKE coupe sold for $5,895.  The larger Mk. IX sold for $6,070.

Jaguar Mk II Sedan (6)

Word Grain Dash With Black& White Gages Make For A Great Dash

The above picture is not very good due to the reflection on the side window, but you can see that this 3.8 was fitted with the optional automatic transmission.  The base Jaguar Mk. 2 3.8 had a four-speed manual transmission fitted with an overdrive.

Jaguar Mk II Sedan (3)

The Classic Jaguar Grille

The Jaguar Mk. 2 had a good career in sedan racing.  The car was raced by such famous drivers as Stirling Moss, Graham Hill, Mike Parkes, Ray Salvadori, Walter Hansgen, Augie Pabst, and Bob Jane.  The Jaguar Mk. II won many races in England, Europe, the USA and Australia.


Ford Galaxies and Jaguar Mk. IIs Competing at Silverstone in 1963

It appears that the Jaguar Mk. II did not have a number of rally successes, but I do not know if this was from a lack of interest on the part of Jaguar, private competitors, or the capability of the car.  However, I very much doubt that it was due to the capability of the car with its solid power and four-wheel disk brakes.  I did determine that the French team of Jose Behra/Rene Richard and the British team of Bobby Parkes/G. Howarth both won Coupe Des Alpes at the 1960 Alpine Rally in Jaguar Mk. 2 3.8 cars.  If the Jaguar sedan could do well in the Alpine Rally, then the car was very rally-capable.

These were very nice sedans, but perhaps the price of the MK. II compared to the less expensive and more readily available North American sedans resulted in rather low sales in the USA.

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3 Responses to Jaguar Mk. II Sedan

  1. Tim Burgess says:

    Great coverage of the Jag MkII – just one point, I think that race photo is Brands Hatch rather than Silverstone. Great stuff on your site as always, Steve!!

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  3. Reggie says:

    I am trying to find out what other SU Carburetors are compatible with the Jaguar Mark II that has two Carbs?

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