2013 Elm Bank Auto Show

This past weekend the 11th Annual Elm Bank Auto Show was held on the Elm Bank Estate on Route 16 in the Wellesley/South Natick area.  I was not able to attend this show, but Jim Blumenfeld was able to attend and Jim forwarded to me some of the photos that he took while at the show.


Corvette Commemorative

Jim said that there were a lot of Corvettes at the show.  This was because the show was celebrating the 60th anniversary of the introduction of the Corvette in 1953.  The photos of the white Corvette above and below show a Corvette Commemorative car that was prepared and sold by a specialty custom auto shop.


Corvette Commemorative

I have seen a couple of these cars in the past.  Underneath the body is a relatively modern Corvette chassis from the late 1990s, I think.  The body, however, has been modified to pay tribute to the 1953 Corvette. 

eb2 Street Rod With Hemi Engine 

 I think that I’ve seen the street rod shown above before and I think that it has a FireDome Hemi engine in it that was taken from a DeSoto.


Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce, 2 Ferraris and a Lotus

The above picture shows some nice European cars and even a Volkswagen Camper Van in the background.


1995 Toyota MR2

The Toyota MR2 shown above would be of interest to Jim Blumenfeld as Jim has recently bought a very nice red MR2 for himself that is similar to the 1995 MR2 shown above.


Ford GT

The recently built Ford GT is impressive.  You can’t help but look at this car and think of Le Mans victories.


DeTomaso Pantera

The Panteras are a great blend of Italian body styling and big American V8 power.

Alfa Romeo Gulia GTC with BMW 2002 Touring

I saw the BMW 2002 Touring last weekend at the German Car Day at the Larz Anderson Museum of Transportation.  I will take a more thorough look at that in the upcoming weeks.

Jaguar XKE With A Gogomobile – Great Contrast – Sexy And Not

I wonder how the Gogomobile and the Jaguar got parked side by side?

Two Italian Cousins: Ferrari and Maserati

The Maserati Sebring looks like the same car that was the topic of a post on my website several months ago.

Maserati Sebring

I want to thank Jim Blumenfeld for sending these photos of the Elm Bank Auto Show.  Perhaps I will be able to attend this show myself next year.

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