1967 Jeepster Commando

I was at a car show recently where I saw vehicle that looked familiar, yet was just a little different from what I remember.  What I saw was a 1967 Jeepster Commando and what I was remembering was a Jeepster from the late 1940s/early 1950s.

Jeepster 1967 (1)

1967 Jeepster Commando

I had seen the older Jeepsters with some frequency at car shows here and there, but this 1967 Jeepster was just a little different.  From 1948 to 1950 the Willys-Overland Company built the Jeepster as a more civilized version of the more traditional army Jeep that became very popular with the US soldiers during World War II.  The Jeepster was the Jeep that could also be used as a family car.

Jeepster 1967 (2)

The Jeepster’s 101 inch Wheelbase Is Longer Than a Traditional Jeep’s Wheelbase

In 1966 Kaiser-Jeep began to produce the Jeepster.  It was available as a pickup, roadster, wagon, and convertible.   The Kaiser line of Jeepsters remained in production until 1969.  In 1970 American Motors Corporation (AMC) bought Kaiser.

Jeepster 1967 (7)

In 1967 Jeep Was Still Owned Kaiser.  AMC Ownership Came In 1970

This generation of Jeepsters had four-wheel drive, while the 1948 – 1950 generation of Jeepsters were two-wheel drive vehicles.

Jeepster 1967 (6)

The Convertible Top Provides More Adaptability Than A Jeep

The Jeepster came with both a 4-cylinder engine and a V6 engine.  This Jeepster had the 225 cubic inch V6 engine that produced 160 horsepower.  The V6 was quite a power improvement over the 75 horsepower 134 cubic inch 4-cylinder engine. 

Jeepster 1967 (8)

The Jeepster’s Dash Is Very Plain

The car’s dash is very consistent with the spartan theme throughout this car.  These vehicles were designed to be functional, not fancy.

Jeepster 1967 (4)

The Jeepster’s Coffee Cup Holder Illustrates Its Civilized Character

The transmission is controlled by the floor-mounted shifters.  The shifter closest to the driver is the main transmission.  The shorter shifter with the white knob allows the driver to switch between two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.

Jeepster 1967 (5)

Note The Storage Area Under The Convertible Top

This generation of Jeepsters lasted a couple of more years after the American Motor Corporation bought Kaiser, but then American Motors Corporation vastly expanded the Jeep model line up.  I am not sure where all of these Jeepsters disappeared to, but they are not very common these days.

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