Using Classic Cars Discussed At Larz Anderson Motormouth Series

June 20, 2013 was the second in the new Motormouth Series evenings to be held at the Larz Anderson Museum of Transportation in Brookline, Massachusetts.  This evening, host George Kennedy, gathered four very experienced car owners who have wonderful collector cars, and perhaps just as importantly – they drive and race them.

This was a wonderful evening listening to four very knowledgable car owners who truly appreciate the cars that they own.

The first two speakers, perhaps the term “speaker” is too formal as it was more like a conversation than a speech, was the father and son combination of father Bruce Male and his son Andrew.  First, I should note that Bruce drove up the Larz Anderson Museum driving an astonishingly beautiful 1956 Maserati Zagato coupe, while son Andrew followed in a cute little Fiat 500L sporting a “For Sale” sign.  So it was clear that these guys are drivers.

Bruce and Andrew regaled the audience with great stories of being at LeMans and of taking part in the wonderful Mille Miglia rally on several occasions.  The message that they conveyed was that while competing in these events is one thing, but to truly enjoy the entirety of these events, keep yourself open to the experiences that can happen as a result of taking part.

After Bruce and Andrew Male finished their presentation, next up was Stewart Forer.  Stewart is a long time racer, initially in the SCCA with several cars including a Stanguellini Formula Junior and latterly in vintage car racing with a Jaguar XK120. He presented very frank and refreshing tales of the joys and perils of car racing.  He had a wonderful phrase about racing: “Modern racing has fat tires and skinny drivers, while vintage racing has skinny tires and fat drivers.”  It was clear from Stewart’s presentation that to him, it’s the people who have become one of the most enjoyable parts of vintage racing.

The last conversationalist was Joe Freeman.  Joe is the owner of Racemaker Press, who publish very interesting racing books.  At this time, he has so many of his cars on display in the Larz Anderson Museum, it could be renamed “Joe Freeman’s Garage”.  And what wonderful cars they are – a very special and original 1906 Cadillac, an unrestored HCS from the mid-20s, several open wheel racing cars, a Bugatti tourer, and my favorite, a wonderful HRG sports car.  I’m sure that there are others that I have missed.  Like Stewart Forer, Joe started racing when he was young and now is a very active vintage car racer.  It appears that his main race car at this time, is a car that sat on the pole for the Indianapolis 500 in 1939 and eventually finished second.  Joe had many captivating racing and collector car stories that linked all four of the evening’s participants.

In summary, this was a wonderful evening and I am very pleased how enjoyable the Motormouth Series is becoming.  I understand that the folks at the Larz Anderson Museum are contemplating having these evening’s on a quarterly basis.  I would highly recommend attending these Motormouth Series events, so keep your eyes open for the next Motormouth Series event at the Larz Anderson Museum.

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