A BMW Motorcycle Is Stored In My Garage

This past week a motorcycle was delivered to my house for temporary storage.  The motorcycle is being stored in my garage until the owner, Harald von Langsdorff, can pick it up and import it into Canada.  Harald bought the motorcycle from someone in Florida and it is easier for Harald to deal with the import issues himself.


Harald von Langsdorff’s New Motorcycle: BMW R1200R

Harald’s new motorcycle is a 2011 BMW R1200R.  This is a “naked” standard design motorcycle with a typical BMW “boxer” style 2-cylinder, 1,170cc engine.  The engine produces about 109 horsepower.


The “Naked” Look Fits This Bike Well

The BMW R1200R looks great and should be quite fast with the 109 horsepower.  Apparently the top speed is about 120 mph.


The BMW R1200R Has Shaft Drive

As with most BMW motorcycles, this bike has a shaft drive that works through a six-speed transmission.  The shaft drive provides reliability, easy service, and quiet running.


The Bike Came With A Storage Box On The Rear Carrier

I haven’t heard the BMW R1200R run yet, but the exhaust system suggests that the bike will sound quite nice.

While the bike is basically a “naked” style bike, BMW does sell hard bags and a storage box for the rear grate in order to be more of a touring bike, if the owner prefers.  Harald’s BMW R1200R came with a rear storage box, which I took off for the purposes of these photos, as I thought the bike looks better without the storage box mounted.  In addition, the rear view mirrors were placed in the storage box for shipping from Florida to my house in Massachusetts.


The BMW R1200R Has Only About 2,000 Miles On It, Virtually Brand New For A BMW

I am not sure just how long that I will have the bike in my garage, as it completely depends upon Harald’s schedule.  I have lots of room in the garage, so I am not worried about how long the BMW sits in the garage.  The only potential problem is that I might begin to like the bike so much that I’ll start to think about trading in my Triumph Bonneville for a BMW R1200R.

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