Two AM Rallysport Quantum 1.1 Rally Computer

I recently acquired a Two AM Rallysport Quantum Rally 1.1 rally computer.  This was a limited production rally computer built by Andrew Miller.  Andrew was the owner/driver of the Two AM Rallysport rally team.  At the time this rally computer was built, Andrew Miller was competing in stage rallies from his base in the province of Ontario in Canada.  Since this time, Andrew has moved to the far east where I understand he still competes in stage rallies.


Two AM Rallysport Quantum 1.1 Rally Computer

As far as the capability of this rally computer, it reminds me of the Terratrip 303 Plus.  There are two displays on this unit with the lower display always showing distance.  The upper display can display four pieces of different information by successively pushing the left most button, “D”, on the horizontal keypad on the front of the rally computer.

The available combination of displays are as follows:

  1. Upper: Time Of Day Clock           Lower: Distance
  2. Upper: Cumulative Distance       Lower: Incremental Distance
  3. Upper: Current Speed                   Lower: Distance
  4. Upper: Average Speed                   Lower: Distance

I set the Two AM Rallysport computer up for a bench test in my basement. At first I connected the rally computer to a two-wire Terratrip sensor.  I was not able to get the unit to work with that sensor.  The instructions for the unit say that this has not been thoroughly tested with a Terratrip sensor, but that it should work in most cases.  Maybe so, but it did not work for me.

The Quantum 1.1 computer worked for me when I connected it to a three-wire Alfa Small Systems wheel sensor.  The wiring colors do not match up for the three-wire sensor as shown in the instructions, but the following connections worked for me with the Alfa sensor:

Alfa Sensor Wire                 Quantum Rally 1.1 Wire   

        Red                                             Brown

        Black                                           Blue

        Green                                          Orange  


On/Off Toggle Switch On The Right Side

The displays are both large and bright, so the number are easy to see in both bright light and in dark lighting conditions.  The keyboard buttons are a flexible rubber type that are easy to use. 

The calibration factor is a six-digit number, therefore the calibration can be quite precise.  The Two AM Rallysport Quantum 1.1 computer can calculate the calibration factor or it can be manually entered.


The Function Of The Left Side Toggle Switch Is A Mystery

The toggle switch on the left side of the Quantum 1.1 computer is a mystery to me.  It will change the distance values and when you switch it back to its original position, the numbers on the display do not return to the previous values.  I have not been able to determine its functionality.

The following map of the features of the Quantum 1.1 computer was taken from a copy of the instructions for this unit which I was able to get from Robin Fleguel from Ontario, who has some rally experience with this computer. 

Note that the instructions make no mention of the toggle switch on the left side of the unit.


Two AM Rallysport Computer Functional Map

The instructions mention that the clock might lose 1/2 second per hour.  From my bench test, I would verify that I experienced a time loss very close to that amount.  The instructions say that this was being worked on by Two AM Rallysport and once it is solved then all of the computers would be updated with the timing fix.  I have no idea if this glitch was ever sorted out, but I can say that the unit that I has not been updated.  At least it is a predictable error.

I have attached a copy of the instructions for the Two AM Rallysport Quantum 1.1 rally computer, so that they can be shared as necessary and people won’t have to always contact Robin Fleguel.

TWO AM Rallysport Computer Manual

This rally computer would be a serviceable unit for stage rallies, assuming that there was another timing unit in the car or on the co-driver’s wrist.  The clock glitch which would introduce a small error into the average speed calculations probably would not be a significant issue for stage rallies, but it would be a problem for time-speed-distance rallies.

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