Motherlode of Dodge Power Wagons

This past Sunday, Hal Denham and I were out finalizing the route for the 2013 Mass Challenge car rally.  As we drove by one location, I said to Hal: “Look at the Power Wagon!  I haven’t seen one in years.”  So, I got out and took a quick picture of the Power Wagon, as we were somewhat on the clock laying out the rally.  That picture is shown below.


Dodge Power Wagon

As I took a second picture of the car, I noticed that there was more than one Power Wagon on this lot, in fact there many more than just one Power Wagon.


The Dodge Power Wagon Has Classic Pickup Styling

All told there were about a dozen Power Wagons on this lot.  A regular cornucopia of Power Wagons.  It was quite a sight.


A Row Of Power Wagons

The Dodge Power Wagon was built in 1945 and continued being built, largely unchanged, until 1968.  The design was based on similar trucks that were used during World War II.  Returning soldiers wanted trucks as tough as the trucks that they had used in the war.


More Power Wagons Were Parked Along the Tree Line

The Dodge Power Wagons had a 126-inch wheelbase.  The pickup box was 8 feet long and had a width of 4 1/2 feet.  The powerplant was a flathead in-line 6-cylinder engine.  These trucks had four-wheel drive and I believe that the Dodge Power Wagon was the first mass-produced four-wheel drive truck made for the general public.


The Owner Had A Dodge Power Wagon To Move The Power Wagons

These trucks were used for a variety of off-road uses.  In Massachusetts, some fire departments have one or two Power Wagon based fire trucks that they use to fire bush or grass fires.  These trucks can get to places that other trucks can’t get to.


This Power Wagon Was Noticeably Newer

It is clear that the owner of this lot specializes Dodge Power Wagons and judging by the number and quality of the Power Wagons on site, I would say that if you are looking for a Power Wagon part, then this guy has it.


If You Need Dodge Power Wagon Parts This Is The Place To Go


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4 Responses to Motherlode of Dodge Power Wagons

  1. Mike Mazoway says:

    Is Dodge paying you for the using the term “Power Wagon”? You used it 22 times in this blog 🙂

    • Hi Mike,
      Actually I never thought about the number of times that I used the term “power wagon”. However, the idea of Dodge paying me for using the term “power wagon” or any other term seems like a great idea to me. I wonder how I could arrange that?

      Steve “Power Wagon” McKelvie

  2. D.d says:

    I need to bay one

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