The SMCC’s Economy Run Rally To Be Held June 8, 2013

The Sport Motor Car Club of Montreal will again be holding their Economy Run rally on June 8, 2013.  Interest in this event has been growing steadily over the years.  This year’s event will be 198km long for diesel and gasoline powered cars and 132km long for electric cars.

The start and finish for this event will be at the Ultramar service station in Charlemagne, Quebec  at the junction of Autoroute 640 & Route 344.  Food is available in the St. Hubert’s restaurant beside the Ultramar service station.  One of the requirements of this rally is that you must first register so that re-filling of your vehicle can be done under the supervision of a rally official.

In addition there are two electric charging stations across the street from the Ultramar service station.

The schedule is as follows:

Registration and Filling:                                 11:00 AM

Driver’s Meeting :                                            11:45 AM

Car “0”:                                                              12:00 noon

Finish and Re-Fuel:                                         15:30 PM

Results:                                                               16:30 PM

The goal of this rally is to stay on time while minimizing fuel consumption. There will be several elapsed time controls at which cars may arrive early without penalty. Controls may only be located at the end of a section.  Penalties will be accorded based on fuel consumption and lateness. There will equally be penalties for leaving a control before the given out-time.  I have competed in this event before and I found that route following instructions to be very straight-forward.  No previous rally experience is required to participate. Competitors will be classified based on fuel economy (L/100km) corrected for time penalties.  Every minute of lateness at a time control will add a 2% (non-compounding) fuel-economy penalty.

There will be four classes of cars: gasoline, diesel, hybrid, and electric.  So there is a class for everybody.  Please bring along information about  the weight of the car, the Transport Canada/US EPA fuel economy estimate, the number of cylinders and displacement of the car’s engine.

For specific information contact the rallymaster, Jeff Dungen, at the following address:

People who can speak English only should not have any concerns about competing in this economy run rally or any other rally held by the Sport Motor Car Club of Montreal as all of the instructions and driver’s meetings are bilingual.

For further information about this economy run rally you can check out the website for the Sport Motor Car Club of Montreal at

Remember that June 8th is the same weekend as the Canadian Grand Prix which will also be held in Montreal.  My recommendation is to go early and stay late which will give you time to take part in the celebration in downtown Montreal which has become part of the Grand Prix weekend.

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