Selling or Buying Rally Navigation/Co-Driver Equipment

I have decided to add a new page to this website that will be available for people to place an advertisement to sell or buy rally navigation or rally co-driver equipment.  I hope that this will make it easy for rally navigators or car owners to sell that piece of navigation equipment that they no longer need and for rally navigators and co-drivers to find the piece of equipment that they are looking for.

I also hope that any now unused equipment does not linger in a drawer somewhere, as there navigators and car owners out there looking for good used rally navigation equipment.

Also if you are looking to buy a piece equipment, I’ll post that as well.

Send the information for the advertisement, including a picture if you can, to me at the following address  I will add your advertisement to the page titled “Rally Navigation/Co-Driver Equipment For Sale”. 

I’ve got a Halda Speedpilot that I want to sell, so look for that advertisement in a few days.

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13 Responses to Selling or Buying Rally Navigation/Co-Driver Equipment

  1. phil blue says:

    Good afternoon. I have a ’69 Porsche S which began life as the fourth Porsche rallied by the original owner. I purchased it from him in 1999 but the Halda and front bar with Lucas lights were no available. It has a well worn 3-point harness. I wish to restore to the period-correct state and would be interested in purchasing your Speedpilot if appropriate and a bar and lights if you have them. I appreciate your consideration of this request. Best regards, Phil Blue

    • Hi Phil,
      I do have a Halda Mk IV Speedpilot that is calibrated for miles that I am prepared to sell. I believe that this would be period correct for your car. The unit appears to be fully functional, although I have never had the unit installed in a car. I can say with certainty that the clock portion of the Speedpilot works just fine. I would sell it for $600. If you are still interested, then let me know and I can send you some photographs.

      I cannot help you with a light bar for your Porsche.

      Steve McKelvie

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