The BMW 2000TI

During my recent visit to the BMW Museum in Munich, I saw a BMW 2000TI race car.  This particular car had been raced by Hubert Hahne in the European Touring Car Championship when he won the Division 3 championship in 1966.


BMW 2000TI

The BMW 2000TI had a 1,990cc in-line 4-cylinder engine that produced 120 horsepower at 5,500 rpm.  The engine had a single overhead camshaft and two Solex carburetors.  This would power the BMW 2000TI to a top speed of about 110 miles per hour.  The car was only available with a 4-speed manual transmission.


The BMW 2000TI Is Similar To The Later BMW 2002 Models

Apparently there were a number of headlight variations with the BMW 2000TI.  Note that this particular car has single round headlights.  Versions of this car for the German market had square headlights and I have seen pictures of a BMW 2000TI with twin round headlights on each side of the front grille.

I am not familiar with the rules of the European Touring Car Championship at the time that this car was raced, but I was surprised just how standard this car car appeared to be.  For example, the back seat was still in the car!

BMW produced 17,440 2000TI cars between 1966 and 1970.  There also was a further developed model, the BMW 2000TII with a 130 horsepower fuel-injected engine, that was produced in much smaller quantities between 1969 and 1972.

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One Response to The BMW 2000TI

  1. Rey Rivera says:

    Love the article.
    The real story on 2000TI is that the TI was a homologation special. It was based on the 1800TI chassis. These chassis had the 1800 twin headlight buckets and vertical taillights. Less than 1700 were produced.
    Your production numbers include the 2000tiLux which was not the homollogat chassis with square headlight buckets and horizontal tail lights. A very popular car but not as rare as a 2000TI.
    The 2000TI was the car that won the championship with Hubert Hahne at the wheel.
    Thank you for your post on this amazing car.

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