Getting Ready For The Baden Classic

In a few weeks I will be heading to Germany to join Harald von Langsdorff as we will be competing in the 2013 Baden Classic rally.  We will be competing in Harald’s lovely 1958 Mercedes-Benz 220S cabriolet.  Harald has asked me to be the navigator.


At The Finish Of The 2012 Baden Classic

Harald’s Mercedes-Benz is not a dedicated rally car; it is a very nice classic street car.  It will remain that way, so we are not going to make any modifications to the interior or exterior of the car to make it a rally car.  As a result all of the rally navigation and timing equipment will be located on my rally board during the rally.  This weekend I was checking my equipment in preparation for the rally and placed the equipment on one of my rally boards to confirm that everything will fit.  The rally board set up that I plan to use for the Baden Classic is shown  below.

Baden Classic Set UP

My Baden Classic Rally Board

The rally board has a felt perimeter in order not mark the beautiful interior of the Mercedes-Benz.  On the rally board starting from the upper left hand corner and proceeding clockwise around the board, I have placed the following equipment:

  • Alfa Club 2000 rally clock to keep the time of day
  • A Fastime 12 wristwatch to function as a back-up time of day clock and for timing when out of the car
  • A clip board with a list of symbols and their meaning used in the German instructions and a list key German to English translations of words that could be used in the route instructions
  • A Heuer stopwatch in 1/5 seconds for timing certain tests
  • A Reizen talking count down clock to be used at the controls
  • A Brantz electronic speed table for pacing purposes
  • A Terratrip 101 Plus simple rally odometer
  • A navigation calculator in the center of the rally board

I am confident that this set up will allow me to keep us on course and on time during the Baden Classic within the limits of the regulations for this rally.

Bild 129

Harald & I During A Closed Road Test During The Baden Classic in 2012

This year the Baden Classic will be held on April 26 & 27, 2013.  I look forward to it.  The rally has a number of classes and we will be competing in the Class 1 of the Classic Class which is for cars built before the end of 1965.  Some of the other cars that will be competing in this class are a Mini, an Austin Healey, a Porsche 912, a Renault R8, a MGA, Ford Model A, a Porsche 356, and a Chrysler.  I hope that the weather cooperates, so we can run the rally with the top down.

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2 Responses to Getting Ready For The Baden Classic

  1. If anyone is interested in the NautiCalc Plus, it is on sale for $19.95 (USD) at the manufacturer’s web site:

    • The NautiCalc Plus calculator is a very useful piece of equipment for car rally navigators. I have had mine for many years and it can make a navigator’s life easier especially when dealing with timing systems using minutes and seconds, which is most of the world outside of the USA.

      Steve McKelvie

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