Qualifying For The 2013 Australian Grand Prix Started And Then Postponed

I got up in the middle of the night to watch qualifying for the 2013 Australian Grand Prix on NBCSports and I was quite pleased that their television broadcast is equal to or better than the previous broadcasts on The Speed Channel.  They even have Sam Posey providing his insightful table setting comments.  So all is well in the television world.

While the television show got off to a good start the qualifying for the 2013 Australian Grand Prix did not.  It was raining in Melbourne and the first qualifying session, Q1, was delayed for about a half hour.

Button Changing Tires During Q1

Jenson Button Changing From Full Wets To Intermediate Tires During Q1

When qualifying for the 2013 Australian Grand Prix got underway the track was still quite slippery despite all of the teams being shod on full wet tires.  There were a number of spins by drivers of almost all teams and skill levels.  At the end of the session the slowest 6 cars of the now 22 starters (down from 24 last year as the HRT Team has withdrawn from Formula 1) were eliminated.  Those not making it out of Q1 were Maldonado (Williams), Gutierrez (Sauber), Bianchi (Marussia), Van Der Garde (Caterham), and Charles Pic (Caterham) in order of fastest to slowest.

At the completion of Q1 and were several delays to getting the second qualifying session, Q2, started.  Eventually, the FIA decided to postpone Q2 and Q3 for the 2013 Australian Grand Prix until 11:00am local time tomorrow, Sunday, morning due to the impending darkness that was overtaking the Melbourne track.  This new qualifying time translates to 8:00pm Eastern Time Saturday night and NBCSports will be showing Q2 and Q3 at that time.  The qualifying results from Q1 will stand and those eliminated cars will be on the sidelines.  The Australian Grand Prix race will start later in the day on Sunday, local time which means that if we want to watch the race as it happens, then we will still have to get up in the middle of the night.  My alarm will be set!

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