More Photos From The 2013 19 Capitales Historico Rally

Fernando Denis and Paulo Ceretta returned from the 19 Capitales Historico rally in Uruguay this past week.  Paulo sent me some photos that he took during the rally.  This rally is interesting as many of cars in the rally are cars that are not commonly seen North America.

photo 1 Paulo Ceretta

Paulo and His Brother Alejandro In Their BMW 320

The black car below is an example of a South American car, a Volkswagen SP 2 Coupe.

photo 1

Volkswagen SP 2 Coupe In Rally Trim

This is car that I am not familiar with, but I saw a reference to this car in Peter Schneider’s book “Deutsche Autos”.  If I knew how to read German better I could tell you more about the car.  The image of the Volkswagen SP 2 Coupe below came from that book.


Volkswagen SP 2 Coupe In Standard Trim

The Volkswagen SP 2 was made between 1972 and 1976 by Volkswagen in Brazil.  The car is powered by a 1,678cc engine capable of pushing the Volkswagen SP 2 to a top speed of about 110 miles per hour.

The picture below shows a Fiat Abarth 600 rally car.  The picture also shows some interesting cars in the background.  The white car looks like an IKA Torino and the blue car behind the Torino looks like a Mercedes-Benz sedan.

photo 2

Fiat Abarth 600

The car below is another Germany-based car, an Auto Union 1000 Coupe.  From the perspective of the picture it seems among other things that the front seats have been replaced by racing seats.

photo 10

Auto Union 1000 Coupe

There were also some North American-based cars in the 19 Capitales Historico rally.  The photo below shows an early 1960s Ford Falcon.  Clearly this car is no ordinary Falcon, as evidenced by the wing on the rear deck and the tires.

photo 20

Ford Falcon

The above picture of the Ford Falcon shows that street car shows are part of the 19 Capitales Historico rally.  The photo below shows another early 1960s Ford Falcon that has been modified extensively.  The grille looks just a little different from the North American Ford Falcons.

photo 30

Ford Falcon

Another older North American car in the 19 Capitales Historico rally is the mid-late 1930s Chevrolet Coupe shown in the photo below.

photo 40

Mid-1930s Chevrolet Coupe

In South America there is a famous bond with the mid to late 1930s Chevrolet Coupes as these were the cars that multi-time World Driving Champion Juan Manuel Fangio got his competition start in Argentina.  In the late 1930s and in the early 1940s Fangio competed in many multi-day road races/rallies on the roads of South America.  For example, Fangio won the 1940 “Gran Premio del Norte” which took place on the roads between Buenos Aires and Lima, Peru.  These were rough, grueling, long distance events and it was in these events where “The Maestro” developed his unmatched driving skills that allowed him to become a five-time world champion in the 1950s.  He was the road racing champion of Argentina in 1940 and 1941 based on his success in these long distance races/rallies.

The picture below appears in Peter Nygaard’s book “Juan Manuel Fangio Photo Album”.  It shows Juan Manuel Fangio in 1991 with his racing Chevrolet coupe that he used in 1940.  This is known as the Balcarce Chevrolet, as the people from his home town of Balcarce, Argentina helped him fund this car and his early racing activities.


Juan Manuel Fangio And His Balcarce Chevrolet Coupe

The last photo in this post shows a Saab 96.  Every self-respecting historic rally needs to have at least one Saab in it.  This Saab 96 appears to be in excellent shape.

photo 50

Saab 96

I appreciate Paulo Ceretta sending me these photos.  The 19 Capitales Historico rally certainly attracted some interesting entries.

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4 Responses to More Photos From The 2013 19 Capitales Historico Rally

  1. Carlos says:

    Hi, I am Carlos Abeiro, the owner of the Saab 96. Thanks for putting a picture of our car. The 19 Capitales Histórico is a remembrance of the original Rally Competition raced in Uruguay between 1968 and 1981 with pilots of many countries of America. This year we had the visit of President of FIA Jean Todt at the start.
    This website is really good. Congratulations and thanks for sharing information and photos of classic cars. BR, Carlos from Uruguay

    • Hi Carlos,
      That Saab 96 of yours looks like a great rally car! A real classic rally car. I was talking to Fernando Denis here in the United States about 2 weeks ago and I believe that he will be entering the 2014 Capitales Historico. From the pictures that I have seen of the rally and from what Fernando and Paulo have told me, the rally seems like a great event. Maybe someday I’ll get a chance to compete in this rally.

      Steve McKelvie

      • Carlos says:

        Thanks Steve. If you have the opportunity, the “19 Capitales” is a good excuse to know Uruguay in a different way.
        Here you have a small video carried out by the Argentines of “La Cúpula”:

      • Thanks for that video! Now I’m more convinced than ever that the “19 Capitales” is a great rally. Maybe there will be a driver who can use an English speaking co-piloto.

        Steve McKelvie

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