Paulo Ceretta Ready For The 2013 “19 Capitales Historico” Rally

I got an email today from Paulo Cerretta who is now down in Uruguay to compete in the 19 Captitales Historico rally.  The rally starts on March 4, 2013 and ends on March 9.  Paulo will be teamed with his brother Alejandro in a 1980 BMW 320 for the 19 Capitales Historico.  Alejandro will be doing the driving, while Paulo will be the navigator or co-piloto.


Paulo’s 1980 BMW 320

Alejandro and Paulo will be competing in Class F which is for cars with engines larger than 1,800cc  All of the cars entered in the 19 Capitales Historico must be no newer than model year 1981.


Check Out The Wheels

The rally appears to be very well subscribed with about 220 cars entered.  Another entrant in the 19 Capitales Historico rally that I am following is Fernando Denis of Westchester, NY who will be competing together with his father.  I had the pleasure of working on some rally issues with both Fernando and Paulo before they left for Uruguay for the rally.


The 600 Number Series Are For Class F Cars

The 19 Capitales Historico rally is a very competitive time-speed-distance rally to the capitals of all 19 states within the country of Uruguay.  In the final scoring, many of the top teams are separated by tenths of a second!


I hope to get more information from Paulo and Fernando as they take on this 5-day rally to all parts of Uruguay.

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