Snow & Travel Ban Stopped Me From 2013 Rallye Des Neiges

Yesterday, I had planned on going up to Bromont, Quebec with Adam Brodeur to task part in the Rallye Des Neiges.  My plans went awry when on Friday night and early Saturday morning we received a snowfall of about 24 to 26 inches (60 – 65cm), depending upon where I measured it.

In anticipation of the storm, the Governor of my state, Massachusetts, imposed a travel ban, except for essential people, that lasted from 4:00PM Friday to 4:00PM Saturday.  I assumed that going to a car rally would not likely be considered essential travel, so I had to stay at home.  However if you look at the pictures that I took around our house, it is unlikely that I could have made safely to the rally regardless of the travel ban due to the extent of the snow fall.


Snow At The Door To Our Back Deck


Our Back Deck


Compare the Depth Of The Snow At My Garage Door With The Shovel! (This Was The Level Of Snow For My Entire Driveway)


My Snow Blower Got A Thorough Work Out! (That Little Blotch Of Red Is My Mercedes-Benz SLK)

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