2013 Historique Monte Carlo Rally Results

The 2013 Historique Monte Carlo Rally ended yesterday.  This was a very successful rally with 314 cars identified on the list of participants.  Of those participants, 252 cars were listed in the final classification.

Historique Monte Carlo Poster 2013

2013 Historique Monte Carlo Rally Poster

The top ten finishers in the 2013 Historique Monte Carlo Rally are listed below.  As you look down this list, it is interesting to see that Daniel Elena finished in 7th position as a driver.  As many of you know, Daniel Elena is the co-driver on the team with Sebastien Loeb that has won the World Rally Championship on many occasions.  So I guess that Daniel can drive a car as well as be the co-driver/navigator.

2013 Historique Monte Carlo Rally Results

Team                                              Age/Class Position                  Car             

1 BRIANTI Gerard /CHOL Sébastien III/2 1-1           1970 Alpine Renault A110 1600S

2 COPPOLA Jean Pierre/ SUSSOT Olivier IV/2 1-1    1972 Alpine Renault A310

3 BABINI Fabio/ CAPSONI Andrea II/2 1-1               1965 Porsche 911 1965

4 HOLVOET Dominique/ VANOVERSCHELDE Bjorn IV/2 2-2 1972 Toyota Célica 1600 GT

5 DURAND Raymond/ VIALAR Bernard IV/2 3-3 1977 Opel Kadett GTE

6 JUENTGEN Ernst/ MUELLER Marcus IV/3 4-1       1979 Mercedes Benz 280E

7 ELENA Daniel/ CAMPANA Olivier IV/1 5-1                       1975 Peugeot 104 ZS

8 MOROSINI Giorgio/ RAINISIO Cesare IV/2 6-4      1978 Opel Kadett GTE

9 GAROSI Serge/ LENOIR Jean Marc IV/3 7-2                       1972 Mazda RX2

10VAN ROMPUY Dirk/ VANOVERSCHELDE Jens IV/2 8-5 1978 Opel Ascona 2000

In a recent post I mention that the winners of the 1973 Monte Carlo Rally, Jean-Claude Andruet and “Biche” were entered in the 2013 Historique Monte Carlo Rally as part of an Alpine Renault 5-car team.  They finished in 24th position, which is very good considering that there were over 300 starters.

Historique RallyeMC 2013Alpine

An Alpine-Renault At The 2013 Historique Monte Carlo Rally [Retro-Speed]

Last year when I was in Germany, I met a fellow who had competed in the Historique Monte Carlo Rally last year for the first time.  He said that it was a difficult rally and that during the first couple of days they struggled and they were not enjoying it.  However he went on to say that by the end of the rally he was really enjoying it and both he and his wife looked forward to competing in the rally in the future.

Historique Monte Plate 2013

The final complete classification and results for the 2013 Historique Monte Carlo Rally is in the attached file below:

Historique Monte 2013 Classement_Final_Officiel

Despite the enormous popularity of this event, I could find only one North American entrant – Hubert Blanchard of Canada in a 1976 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0.  Hubert finished in the 246th position.

This would be great rally to compete in.  Too bad that it is so far away.

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