Helping To Prepare For the “19 Capitales Historico” in Uruguay

Last weekend I spent a day with two people who are preparing to compete in a five-day rally in March in Uruguay.  The rally is called the “19 Capitales Historico”.  The two competitors are Fernando Denis and Paulo Ceretta from Westchester, New York, but who are both originally from Uruguay.

In Uruguay there are 19 states and this 5-day rally will travel all around Uruguay, therefore the rally is quite long.


Paulo Ceretta and Fernando Denis Will Be Competing in the “19 Capitales Historico” in Uruguay

The reason that Fernando and his friend Paulo came to see me was to get some hands-on instruction on how to use a new Timewise 798A rally computer that he had recently bought.  In addition to just instruction in using the Timewise 798A, he wanted some specific advice on how to best use the rally computer given the specific rules and scoring for this rally.

This rally computer has a number of features, but it can be very intimidating for someone with very limited rally experience.  Fernando had just recently obtained the Timewise 798A and he had it installed in his BMW M3 in order to get some experience with the rally computer before taking it to Uruguay.


Fernando’s BMW M3 In Which The Timewise 798A Was Installed

Fernando competed in this rally last year, so he had a route book from one of the days of the rally which we were able to go through.  We discussed situations which would be expected to be encountered in this rally and what the navigator should do in this situations.

After this desktop discussion, we went on the road and had Fernando operate the rally computer in situations that he will find himself in during the “19 Capitales Historico” rally.

Fernando has a Porsche 924 Turbo car in Uruguay that he will use for the “19 Capitales Historico” rally.  The cars entered in the “19 Capitales Historico” can be no newer than a 1981 model, therefore his Porsche 924 Turbo is just eligible.  Fernando will do the driving in the rally and his 78-year old father will be the navigator.  Therfore Fernando will have to instruct his father on how to use the Timewise 798A in Uruguay.

Fernando Photo 2 ver 2

Fernando Denis’ Porsche 924 Turbo Entered in the “19 Capitales Historico” Rally

In addition to Fernando, Paulo Ceretta, who came along to my house with Fernando will be entering the “19 Captitales Historico” as well.  Paulo will be competing in this rally with his brother, Alejandro.  Competing in this rally for Paulo and Alejandro is the fulfilment of a promise that they have pending for many years in memory of their father Luis.  Apparently he was a car nut (he drove a Volvo PV444) and he was in love with this event, but he never had the time or money to compete in the event himself, so Paulo and Alejandro are doing this event in memory of their Dad.  Seems like he would approve.

Paulo has a car in Uruguay as well.  He has a 1980 BMW 320 upgraded with a six cylinder engine.  The picture below shows that car as Paulo first got it, but he has since made several improvements to it.

Paulo Ceretta BMW

Paulo Ceretta’s 1980 BMW 320 in Uruguay

It appears that the “19 Capitales Historico” rally is a very interesting and challenging rally.  I was looking at some of the pictures of the past running of this event and I saw some great scenery and cars.  The photo below is of one of my favorite cars, the South American Torino.  Those who have read some of the stuff that I have written over the years might recall on at least two occasions, me lamenting that the Torino (which was a South American modification of the Rambler American) was the car that AMC should have re-imported back into the USA.  Fernando showed me some video from last year’s rally which included several Torinos.

Uruguay Torino

A Torino At The Starting Line

This rally is a big deal in Uruguay.  It is expected that between 200 and 300 cars will take part in this rally.  Fernando reports that many children seek out autographs from the competitors.

Uruguay 19 Capitales Historico Rally

The “19 Capitales Historico” Rally Is Very Popular In Uruguay

For more information on the rally, check out the following website:

I wish Fernando and Paulo well in this rally.

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