2013 Dakar Rally Day 1 Results

The first day of the 2013 Dakar Rally got underway with no real surprises, but at least one major disappointment.  The first stage in both the cars and bike categories, show that the top ten finishers include most of the teams that you would expect to see near the front.  Except for one major competitor – Robby Gordon who finished in 136th place after the first stage in the cars class.

Gordon stopped on top of a dune, put his Hummer in reverse, and for some reason the transmission broke.  He sat there for some time until security staff finally let some spectators push him out.  This is a case where if Robby Gordon had a teammate, then the teammate might have been able to get Robby moving and to the finish line in a much shorter time.

With Robby Gordon now over 31 minutes behind the leaders it is not a margin that can’t be overcome at this early stage of the rally, but it certainly is a significant setback.

The top ten finishers plus North American competitors are shown below:

2013 Dakar Rally Day 1 Results – Cars

Name Mark Time Variation Penalty
2 ÁLVAREZ (ARG)GRAUE (ARG) TOYOTA 00:23:24 00:00:24
3 CHICHERIT (FRA)GARCIN (FRA) SMG 00:23:30 00:00:30
4 AL-ATTIYAH (QAT)CRUZ (ESP) BUGGY 00:23:30 00:00:30
5 CHABOT (FRA)PILLOT (FRA) SMG 00:23:36 00:00:36
6 HOLOWCZYC (POL)PALMEIRO (PRT) MINI 00:24:42 00:01:42
7 NOVISTKIY (RUS)ZHILTSOV (RUS) MINI 00:24:42 00:01:42
10 ROMA (ESP)PÉRIN (FRA) MINI 00:24:51 00:01:51
99 BENSADOUN (CAN)ROUND (GBR) Desert Warrior 3 00:35:27 00:12:27
136 GORDON (USA)WALCH (USA) Hummer 00:54:45 00:31:45

In the bike class, Cyril Despres is favored to finish on top, but there is a good field of riders which should have a good fight for the other podium positions.

The top ten finishers in the bike class are shown below:

2013 Dakar Rally Day 1 Results – Bikes

Name Mark Time Variation Penalty
1 LOPEZ (CHL) KTM 00:39:15
2 VERHOEVEN (NLD) YAMAHA 00:39:20 00:00:05
3 QUINTANILLA (CHL) HONDA 00:39:40 00:00:25
4 CABRERA (CHL) KAWASAKI 00:40:10 00:00:55
5 DESPRES (FRA) KTM 00:40:20 00:01:05
6 CASTEU (FRA) YAMAHA 00:40:30 00:01:15
7 FARIA (PRT) KTM 00:40:50 00:01:35
8 PIZZOLITO (ARG) HONDA 00:41:00 00:01:45
9 ULLEVALSETER (NOR) KTM 00:41:25 00:02:10
10 BARREDA BORT (ESP) HUSQVARNA 00:41:40 00:02:25

It was reported that about 1,000,000 people stood along the route for Day 1 of the 2013 Dakar Rally.  Very impressive.

Tomorrow, Stage 2 will begin and end in Pisco having a total rally distance of 203 miles, with about 150 of those miles making up the timed portion of the rally.

The NBCSports Network have wasted no time putting newly acquired announcer Leigh Diffey to work.  Diffey, the former Speed Channel announcer, is the announcer for NBCSports Network for the Dakar Rally and he did a good job on this opening show.  I get the impression that he has been a Dakar Rally fan for some time.  He was well prepared for this opening show.

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