A Very Useful Book About Marathon Rallies

Early in December I purchased a very good rally book entitled “How To Win A Marathon Road Rally”.  This useful book was written by Alan Smith and published by the Endurance Rally Association in 2012.


This Book Is Chock Full of Useful Information

This is not a thick book, at less than 90 pages, but it is a very informative book, written in a very direct fashion.  “How to Win A Marathon Road Rally” covers the following issues:

  • Choosing an event
  • Choosing your rally car
  • Preparing the rally car
  • Preparing yourself
  • Navigation equipment and techniques
  • General good advice during the rally

 The book presents a lot of check lists and advice that, if followed, should result in a good finish.  “How To Win A Marathon Road Rally” is very well illustrated, augmenting the written word.  These rallies aren’t easy, but the advice in this book will make your rally much easier.  As a rally navigator, I found the material and its presentation to be very informative.

To order “How To Win A Marathon Road Rally” go to the website for the Endurance Rally Association at  www.endurorally.com        From there you will be able to order the book.

Feel free to contact me if you should have any comments or questions about the book or its contents.

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