2013 Dakar Rally USA TV Schedule

In the USA the 2013 Dakar Rally will, in fact, be shown on the NBCSports Network.  In my area of the northeast USA, my cable TV provider is Comcast.  The Comcast TV schedule shows that a daily summary of the previous day will be shown at 2:30am Eastern Time (that’s right, the middle of the night) the next day.  The 2013 Dakar Rally starts on Saturday, January 5, 2013 therefore the first daily summary show will be at 2:30am on Sunday, January 6, 2013.

Be carefull to check the actual TV schedule if you are going to record this show.  I noticed that on Thursday and Friday the daily summary Dakar Rally show is scheduled for 2:00am instead of 2:30am, therefore check the TV schedule so you won’t be disappointed.

Last year, when the NBCSports Network had just taken over from VersusTV, their early morning daily summary show was repeated in the afternoon around  3:30pm, but I do not see a repeat scheduled at this time.  So it looks like my sleep schedule will be disrupted for the two weeks of the Dakar once again.

I hope to provide updates throughout the rally.

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3 Responses to 2013 Dakar Rally USA TV Schedule

  1. Remy says:

    Thanks. After spending 30 minutes on Google, the Dakar site, Speed, etc I could not find a single intelligible mention of a TV schedule for the US. Rock on.

    • I too am always surprised by the apparent lack of interest in the Dakar Rally even by those who are broadcasting the rally. If more people saw this in North America, then interest would skyrocket.

      Steve McKelvie

  2. miro says:

    you will get enough sleep… unfortunately they will show it only here and there… speed brings all kind of backyard racing but does not see to report from the most important off road race of the year…
    miro from alabama…

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