2013 Winter Challenge Rally Has New Hours This Year

I got a message from American rally legend, John Buffum, announcing that the 2013 Winter Challenge Rally will be held on February 16, 2013.  As in the past, the rally will begin and end in Barre, Vermont.  This time-speed-distance rally is one of the highlights of the winter rally season in the northeast USA.

There will be a change in the time schedule for the Winter Challenge Rally from the past runnings of this event.  This year the rally will start at 2:00pm and will end around 1:00am on Sunday morning.  In the past, the Winter Challenge Rally has started later in the day and run all night long.  It is hoped that these earlier start and finish times will attract more entrants and make it a little easier on the volunteers who make the rally possible.


Scene From the 2012 Winter Challenge Rally

As with previous runnings, the Winter Challenge Rally will have three distinct sections.  The first section, run in the afternoon, will be a typical time-speed-distance rally with some light traps that will keep the competitors on full alert.  The second section will be a map reading section that is always a challenge and will likely have slightly increased average speeds.  The third section that will be run in the late evening and early morning will have fully tuliped instructions and brisk speeds.  All of this will take place on great Vermont rally roads.  This event is truly a good test or challenge for a rally team.  I am proud to say that I have won this event.

For further information about this event, check out the event website:  www.winterchallengerally.com

Mark this on your calendars!

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One Response to 2013 Winter Challenge Rally Has New Hours This Year

  1. mikekamm says:

    Steve Clare and I just signed up. We will be running without 4WD for the first time this year in my ’91 Nissan SE-R.

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