More Rally Photos From Holland

Carl Verboom sent me more pictures of rallying in Holland that I did not include in my initial post on December 5, 2012 about car rallying in Holland.  I have included some of these photos in this post to provide more insight into what happens over there.

A ramp start in downtown location, where someone might actually witness a car rally, is unusual here in the USA.  In most USA time-speed-distance rallies, the starts are held at some obscure hotel parking lot on the edge of civilization with the cars starting in an unorganized manner, hoping that no one notices them leaving the parking lot.  The downtown ramp start in Holland shown below contributes to the credibility and interest in the car rally event.  And would help to attract sponsors.

Carl Verboom 198NachtvanWeesp2006

Nacht van Weesp Rally 2006, The Car is a 1972 DAF 55 Coupé, First Place, Sportklasse, Driver Peter Staal, Co-driver Carl Verboom

What would a post about Holland be if I did not have a picture of a windmill!?  Note that Carl uses the term “Estate” to describe the Volvo.  This term is frequently used in Europe whereas North Americans would use the term “station wagon”.

318 Midwinter Classic 2009 1 cropped

MidwinterClassic Rally 2009, 1992 Volvo 240 Estate, 1st Place, Tourklasse, Driver Carl Verboom, Co-driver Ellen Verboom

Ellen Verboom is Carl’s daughter.  It is good that Carl is bringing her up properly by involving her in car rallying.  Ellen was not quite 15 years old at the time of the Midwinter Classic Rally in 2009.

The picture below could only be taken in Holland.  Where else in the world would you see speed skating shown on the television?

322 MidwinterClassic 2009

MidwinterClassic 2009, 1992 Volvo 240 Estate, 1st Place, Tourklasse, Driver Carl Verboom, Co-driver Ellen Verboom

Carl and Ellen competed together again in the MidwinterClassic in 2010 as shown in the photo below, but in the Sportklasse.  It looks like it was a foggy day.

Carl notes that his car that day was a BMW 316i.  This was a BMW model that was not imported into the USA.  The information that I have states that the standard engine in this car was a 1,573cc 4-cylinder engine that produced 90 horsepower with an optional 1,773cc 4-cylinder high compression engine producing 130 horsepower.  In North America, a similar model would have been the 318i which had a 1,766cc engine that produced 101 horsepower.

MidwinterClassic 2010

MidwinterClassic 2010, 1988 BMW 316i, 9th Place, Sportklasse, Driver Carl Verboom, Co-driver Ellen Verboom

I understand that Carl frequently rallies with his friend, Rutger Kwant.  The photo below shows that they have been successful, as they won the SportKlasse at the Nacht om de Lange Jan in Rutger’s Ford Focus ST.

1e prijs NOL 2009 Sportklasse klein

Nacht om de Lange Jan 2009, 2007 Ford Focus ST, 1st Place, Sportklasse, Driver Rutger Kwant, Co-driver Carl Verboom

Rallying must run in the Verboom family as Carl’s niece, Laureline, was his navigator in the Nacht van Weesp in 2010.

365 NvW 2010 1

Nacht van Weesp 2010, 1988 BMW 316i, 1st Place, Sportklasse, Driver Carl Verboom, Co-driver Laureline Verboom

The picture below was taken at the start of the Ronde Om de Zuiderzee Rally in 2009.  This time Carl was driving someone else’s car and it was his first time with a variomatic transmission.

385 ROZ 2009 1

Ronde Om de Zuiderzee 2009, 1971 DAF 55 Coupé,  8th Place, Sportklasse, Driver Carl Verboom, Co-driver Peter Staal

The picture below was taken during the Ronde Om de Zuiderzee Rally in 2008 while having a conversation with Peter van der Lans, chairman of the rally’s organizing committee.

386 ROZ 2008 1

Ronde Om de Zuiderzee 2008, 1968 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Super, 10th Place, Sportklasse, Driver Oscar Uhlhorn, Co-driver Carl Verboom

The image below shows the Lange Jan tower, a significant landmark in Holland.

617 cover NOL

It seems to me that rallying in Holland appears to be in good shape.

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