2012 Ocean Reef Vintage Festival Weekend Report

Last weekend, Jim Blumenfeld of the Boston area, was able to attend the Ocean Reef Vintage Festival that was hosted by the Ocean Reef Club.  Jim prepared the following report on this very interesting weekend:

“This year I had the pleasure of attending the 18th annual Ocean Reef Vintage Festival in lovely (and plenty warmer than Boston) North Key Largo Florida’s Ocean Reef Club.  Although a private club, access is available during the festival weekend for those staying at the onsite hotel or rental properties.  My family owns property there so I was good-to-go.

This year’s event featured about 70 autos ranging from a 1908 REO (a superior design to the curved dashboard Olds that was previously designed by Ransom Eli Olds – aka REO) up to the contemporary electric Tesla offerings.

Over our shoulders at the adjoining yacht club there were about 20 vessels ranging from a wonderfully minimalistic 1937 vintage 16’ wooden canoe to the fabulous and historic ex JFK 102” “Honey Fitz” presidential motor yacht.  Plenty of well varnished teak abounded.

Meanwhile over at the airfield there was an eclectic display of 18 or so aircraft including a luxuriously appointed Douglas DC-3A, a Nanchang CJ-6A Chinese military trainer, a B-25 bomber, and a host of other wonderfully maintained craft – both civilian and ex military.

The ultimate “who thought they needed that” toy was a stock looking (but not sounding) modern Mini Cooper equipped with a jet engine that was doing demonstration runs down the runway.


Need a little more zip in your Mini – how about a jet engine?  Fully operational with the rear hatch closed and virtually stock looking (though not sounding) while in operation.

The cars featured numerous Pebble Beach and Amelia Island attendees – truly a treasure trove with nary a dog in the mix.

Some crowd favorites included a 1929 Bentley Speed Six Sports Tourer, 1938 Jaguar SS100 Coupe (Swiss Graber bodied), the whimsical (dare I say bizarre) 1931 LaSalle equestrian inspired Moxie parade car (driven from the saddle), 1954 Devin Special with a Jaguar XK140 drivetrain, as well as various astonishing Rolls Royces, Porsche 356’s (including a rare “Karmann Notchback”), Corvettes, Aston Martins, Jaguars and a Dual Ghia.”


1928 Bentley Speed Six Sports Tourer


1938 Jaguar SS100 Coupe With Swiss-made Graber Coachwork


A 1931 LaSalle based “moxie” parade car owned by Ted Valpey Jr of New Hampshire.  The vehicle is controlled from the saddle (only).  Problem is that if you fall off there is no “deadman” switch.  I imagine one would be quite dismayed to see your horse ride off into the sunset without you.


1954 Devin / Jaguar XK140 Special – a heroic junk yard find restoration


Porsche 356A coupe with the unusual “Notchback” roof –  These early coupes were based on the convertible bodies


Massachusetts’ Chuck Schwager in his 1962 Corvette. Chuck Was A Navigator in the 2010 Peking to Paris Rally


1964 Aston Martin DB5 – One of 2 at the show


1956 Jaguar XK-140


1957 Dual Ghia convertible (top left up to deter the rain)

From reading Jim’s report and seeing Jim’s photos, I was envious that I was not able to attend this weekend of wonderful cars, boats, and planes, all displayed in wonderful scenery and weather.

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