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2013 WINTR Series Annoucement

Today Frank Beyer and I released the following announcement about the 2013 WINTR Series: TO INTERESTED RALLY COMPETITORS: We organized the WINTR (Winter INTernational Rally) SERIES for two winters to encourage rallying in the eastern US and Canada and discovered … Continue reading

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“Remembering John Fitch” At The Larz Anderson Museum

I got a notice yesterday from the Larz Anderson Museum of Transportation in Brookline, Massachusetts that they will be holding an evening celebration on Thursday, December 6th called “Remembering John Fitch”.  The Museum, of which I am a member, asked … Continue reading

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The Tiger Rally Gets Underway

The Tiger Rally, put on by H&H Classic Rallies, got underway this weekend.  The Tiger Rally is a three-week adventure through some of the most exotic and unspoiled lands in South East Asia. The Tiger Rally participants will travel through Malaysia, … Continue reading

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The Development and Extinction of the Sunbeam Tiger

The Sunbeam Tiger is another car in a rather long list of cars that were a mixture of English and American automobile design, engineering and production facilities.  In this case it was the blend of the Sunbeam Alpine body/chassis with … Continue reading

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More Information About the MG Y Series cars

Last week I was contacted by Paul Barrow who is the Webmaster and Registrar of the International MG Y Type Register.  This group is the keeper and source of all of the information that you would ever want or need … Continue reading

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Halda Speedpilot Models IV & V- There Are Important Differences

At first glance the newer all-black Halda Speedpilots all look the same; but they are not the same.  The differences are worth knowing if you considering buying a Speedpilot for use in a rally.  The Halda Speedpilot was developed in the 1950s to help keep … Continue reading

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The BMW 3.0 CSi

The BMW 3.0CSi initially started out in early 1971 as the BMW 3.0CS.  The BMW 3.0CS was essentially a slightly bored out version of the 2800CS.  The BMW 3.0CS had a 3.0 litre  in-line 6-cylinder engine with twin Zenith carburetors, … Continue reading

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