I’m Hopeful That The 2013 Dakar Rally Will Be On NBCSports

I think that those of us who are fans of the Dakar Rally should give thanks to Lance Armstrong.  Let me explain.  Lance Armstrong’s (apparent) wins in the Tour de France created a lot of interest in the United States in bicycle racing and the Tour de France in particular.  This summer, in the pre-Lance Armstrong scandal days, NBCSports signed a 10-year agreement with Amaury Sport Organisation to broadcast many of the events that the Amaury Sport Organisation puts on.  With Lance Armstrong’s scandal now out in the open and the Tour de France competition so disgraced, I’m not sure if NBCSports would do that same deal today.

The Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO) is part of the French media group, EPA (Éditions Philippe Amaury, named after its founder). It organizes sporting events including the Tour de France, Vuelta a España and Paris–Nice professional cycle road races, and more importantly, the Dakar Rally.  They also are involved in golf and sailing events.

I have a feeling that NBCSports really wanted to show the Tour de France, possibly other cycle events, and that the Dakar Rally was just a minor throw in.  None-the-less, while I have not seen anything official on the schedule, I am quietly confident that the Dakar will once again be shown on television this year on the NBCSports TV network.  If and when I get the details, I will post the TV schedule on this website.

Robby Gordon’s Hummer At Dakar

In related news at this time, it does not look like Robby Gordon will be competing in this year’s Dakar.  However we’ll see for sure once the Dakar Rally entry list is published.

The Dakar Rally is a spectacular event and I always look forward to the Dakar nightly TV broadcasts, so I hope that they will continue again for this year.

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1 Response to I’m Hopeful That The 2013 Dakar Rally Will Be On NBCSports

  1. Jacques says:

    Yes sir! Thank you and welcome to the club (of the Dakar fans.)
    Best Regards, Jacques.

    P.S I have been following this rally from Edition #1 in 1978. back then, I was living in Switzerland.
    1990, I moved to California. I am a bit worried, as my TV provider did ditch Versus not too long ago. It would be great if the rally was shown on NBC…..

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