Metric Halda Speedpilot Added To My Navigating Equipment Kit

This past week, I took delivery of a Halda Speedpilot Mk. V that has a display suitable for rallies that are defined by kilometers.  I am pleased to add this unit to my on-hand supply of rally navigation equipment.  I now have Speedpilots that are applicable for both miles and kilometers depending upon the rally/driver needs for a rally where I might be asked to be a navigator.

Speedpilots: Left For Miles, Right For Kilometers

Halda Speedpilots were used from the 1950s to the 1970s by many rally navigators to help keep rally cars on time.  Simply put, the left dial sets the required average speed and the right dial provides information about how the car is doing with respect to maintaining that average speed.

As the electronic era came along, the Halda Speedpilots were replaced by rally computers, but the Halda Speedpilots are still useful in many rally situations, especially in classic car rally events, depending upon the restrictions in the type of rally navigation equipment that can be used.

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6 Responses to Metric Halda Speedpilot Added To My Navigating Equipment Kit

  1. Mike Nilson says:

    Nice pair of Haldas! What do you do to clean an lubricate them?
    Mike in Ottawa, with a Twinmaster

    • Hi Mike,
      I have not used my enough to warrant lubrication. As you know much of the workings of the Halda Speedpilot is a clock, therefore when it becomes time to lubricate the Speedpilot, I will use whatever watchmaker’s use. But at this time, I have not looked into this. I suspect that your local jeweller could tell you what to use. It would have to be a very fine lubricant that is applied very lightly. You don’t want to collect dust and dirt.


  2. Mike Nilson says:

    Hi Steve
    I’ve now added a NOS MK4 SpeedPilot SS (desk clock for the moment) and a used MK5 to my collection. The MK5 has components to covert from Miles to KMs. Too much fun!

    • Hi Mike,
      Interesting about being able to convert one unit from Miles to Kms. I wound up buying one unit for miles and another for kms. Can the average person make the conversion or do you have to locate an elderly Swiss watchmaker?
      Steve McKelvie

      • Mike says:

        I’m not really sure Steve. The gentleman I bought it from seemed to think it was easy, but couldn’t remember either! Winter is coming, something to play with!

  3. Christian Jaeger says:

    The difference is the scale printed on the plexi Window, that’s all. Sure you can adjust -in some rare cases- a km Speedpilot to display miles by halving the speed, but that would really be difficult to read.

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