Rob Stuart And A Thanksgiving Thought

This week I was talking with Rob Stuart of Colorado, as he had a question about cars that he thought I could answer.  I had not spoken with Rob in sometime, so I was glad to have the opportunity to talk with him.  I was Rob’s co-piloto for two rallies in Mexico – La Carrera Panamericana and the Chihuahua Express.   During our conversation I found out that Rob had lost everything earlier this year in that large Colorado forest fire that burned 1,000s of acres of forest and destroyed many homes, including Rob’s place.  What a terrible loss!

Rob told me that he was particularly saddened by the loss of the Mustang that we raced together in at the Chihuahua Express.  The picture below shows Rob and I in the Mustang at a stage start during the Chihuahua Express.

Rob Stuart & I In Rob’s Mustang at the Chihuahua Express

After I spoke with Rob, it occurred to me that the other car that I had rallied with Rob in, a Corvette, had also been lost by fire.  The picture below shows the fast Corvette coupe that Rob & I raced in at La Carrera Panamericana.

Rob Stuart’s Corvette at La Carrera Panamericana

Unfortunately Rob & I had a bad accident in that Corvette.  We slid off the road, hit a tree, rolled numerous times, and the car burst into flames before we came to rest upside down in a Mexican pasture.  I barely got out of that car alive and suffered some second degree burns that required hospitalization. The photo below shows the car after the fire finally burned itself out.  The fire in a fiberglass car is very intense.

The Corvette After the Crash

All of this reminds me that we should give thanks for the blessings that we have, including life itself.  The are many people like Rob, who have lost everything due to fires and floods who really need your prayers.  So let’s all give thanks on this Thanksgiving Day.

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