The Tiger Rally Gets Underway

The Tiger Rally, put on by H&H Classic Rallies, got underway this weekend.  The Tiger Rally is a three-week adventure through some of the most exotic and unspoiled lands in South East Asia. The Tiger Rally participants will travel through Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia with the rally starting in Penang and ending in Bangkok on December 8, 2012.  While no doubt there will be a great number of sights to see, there will also be a competition aspect to this rally as well.

H&H Classic Rallies, the rally organizers, say that the roads will be good, but challenging and memorable.   The map below shows the route of the route of the rally.

The Tiger Rally Route

The rally route, as shown on the map above,  goes through a part of the world that many people just don’t get to see.  This rally is a great opportunity to see exotic places and take part in a rally as well.

H&H Classic Rallies have a rather busy schedule of rallies coming up after The Tiger Rally.  The next one that they will be putting on is the Great South American Challenge which will begin in February.  At this time it appears that several North American teams will be taking part in the Great South American Challenge.  I will be having more on this rally in the upcoming weeks.

To find out more about The Tiger Rally and the upcoming Great South American Challenge, check out the website for H&H Classic Rallies at

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