The BMW 3.0 CSi

The BMW 3.0CSi initially started out in early 1971 as the BMW 3.0CS.  The BMW 3.0CS was essentially a slightly bored out version of the 2800CS.  The BMW 3.0CS had a 3.0 litre  in-line 6-cylinder engine with twin Zenith carburetors, all producing 180 horsepower.  In the fall of 1971 BWM introduced a fuel injected version of this car, the 3.0CSi, which along with a slightly higher compression ratio, produced 200 horsepower.  All other aspects of the 3.0CSi were the same as the 3.0CS.

A 1973 BMW 3.0CSi

The BMW 3.0CSi was available in model years 1972 to 1975.  During that time BMW produced about 8,200 of these cars.  The cars that were produced after 1974 had the larger “5 mph” bumpers.

The engine in the BMW 3.0CSi was tilted to the right by 30 degrees allowing the fuel and air intake system to be lowered which resulted in a lower hood profile.

The BMW 3.0CSi Was A Lively Performer

The BMW 3.0CSi was a very good performing car.  The performance figures that I have for the car show a 0 – 60 mph time of 8.5 seconds, a 0 – 100 mph time of 24.2 seconds, with a quarter-mile time of 16.4 seconds at a speed of 84 mph.  The reported top speed is in the 130 to 136 mph range.  This BMW 3.0 CSi was definitely eligible for the left lane.

The Only Visible Difference Between the 3.0CS and 3.0CSi Is The Emblem On The Trunk Lid

The wheels on the BMW 3.0CSi are quite attractive.  The standard  tires were 195/70VR-14 ,which seem a little tall by today’s standards.  These cars were fitted with disc brakes on all four corners.

The BMW 3.0CSi was only available as a pillarless coupe or “hardtop” configuration.  The profile of these cars is quite attractive.

I do not recall what transmission this particular car had, but either a 4-speed manual or 3-speed automatic transmissions were available.

This 1973 Model Avoided the New Bumper Regulations That Began in 1974

The are quite nice cars in all aspects and certainly would look good in anybody’s driveway and perform well on the road as well.

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4 Responses to The BMW 3.0 CSi

  1. A couple of small factoids: Since the CSi (injected) cars were never officially imported in to the US by BMW, they were never produced with the dreaded US bumpers. Only manual transmissions were offered in the injected coupes as well, I believe. That’s Rob Siegel’s coupe pictured. A sweet one indeed! Rumor has it, the front fenders were made from confectioner’s sugar on all the pillarless E9 bodied coupes. 😉

  2. D. Lee Lucas says:

    Is this Red 3.0 CS available for sale?
    I had one w/a sunroof), and traded it for a Swift Sports Racer/Enduance Racing, which I had to completely rebuild from the ground up, but became the SCCA’s Rookie of The Year, w/a 3rd, but especially a finish! my first time out at Laguna Seca. With another 3rd, a Second, my first Win came in the rain, followed up with two more wins and a second, all done in the last 2/3rd’s of the 1987 season.
    I went on to win annual, Regional, Northern Pacific, East & West Coast Championships, Endurance, The SCCA Runoffs National Championships. Joined in the ACRL Professional Series to win numerous Pro-Races and Professional Championships. In 1993 I won Five Pro Races in a Row and was Bestowed with one of Pro Racings Highest Honors, usually reserved for a NASCAR Driver which was “The Associated Press”, (Broadcast, News, Magazine, Video, Etc.), “Closed Wheel Champion Driver of theYear”!
    I ended my career with an injured back, unrelated to racing, I only had two crashes in my 11 year career, due to a rear Stub Axle snapping off in the “Carousel” at Sears Point, and a Tire Failure at the End of Portlands back straight.
    However I have more Trophys than you can count, Six Track Fastest Lap Records, my Five Time Champion Drivers Ring with Five Diamonds in it, (7 Diamonds won’t. Fit), and most amazing of all;
    I ended with an incredible 72% Podium Finish Record, & 36% of those Podiums were Wins.
    Amazing story Huh? It’s all true. It’s a Darn Shame it was all before the Internet, i do have 100’s of Articles, Photos, Trophys, Etc., but they’d have to be manually entered.
    My point is I wanted that ’73 Red 3.0 CS I spent every day and night pumping, tuning, upgrading, etc. until she was perfect. At the same time I wanted to race so bad since I was a kid, I believe I was 29 when I began, but I wanted it so bad I impractically would have cut my arm off.
    But I have missed her so much during my racing years, and now that they’re over, I miss her more everyday, and just have to find her Red ’73 Twin.
    If you know of one for sale, will you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Contact me?!?!!
    My email is currently not working, but if you would please respond to me by text, I can be reached at 831-818-9418.
    I don’t answer the phone for out of area code calls since most are ‘Fishing Trips by Scammers’ (and I’ve been scammed for $44K of fraudulent charges and having little Luck on my case retrieving it).
    But a short or long Text is GREAT! I hope to hear from you, and Thank You Very Much for reading my story.
    D. Lee Lucas @ 831-818-9418 … . . . . . . . . I REALLY MISS MY BABY!!!!

  3. Rob Siegel says:

    Mr. Lucas:

    As my friend Paul Wegweiser pointed out, this IS my car. Sorry, it’s not for sale :^). Great story, though. Hope you find one!

    –Rob Siegel
    (a.k.a. “The Hack Mechanic”)

  4. Lee Lucas says:

    Hi Rob,
    I’m back! Is this beauty for sale yet? Even WAY OVER PRICE?
    PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I am just in horrible turmoil over losing mine. She was my lady.
    As I said I’ve been trying to replace her for almost twenty five years. I just can’t go on without her.
    Please let me know if you would consider selling, or if you know any Verona contacts interested in selling.
    I had to ask again! Can you blame me, really?

    Thank You Very Much Again,
    And may God Bless You & Yours!

    Aloha, Ohana, & Mahalo Bruddah!
    D. Lee Lucas II
    (831) 818-9418

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