More Images From The 2012 Baden Classic

One of the problems with being in a car rally is that sometimes it is difficult to get pictures of your own car during the event.  Fortunately at this year’s Baden Classic Rally in the Baden area of Germany, there were spectators that took some pictures of our car.   Subsequently we were able to get copies of some of these photos.  Harald von Langsdorff and myself were competing in Harald’s white 1958 Mercedes-Benz 220S Cabriolet in this two-day classic car rally.

The photo below shows us crossing a small stream.  This particular portion of the rally was somewhat confusing.  The character of the road approaching this area was becoming less and less like a road and more like a long driveway.  I was confident that we were on the right road, but just before this picture was taken it looked like the road had come to an end in a parking lot.  Note the truck trailer and parked car in the picture!  There was no road on the left and on the right was the stream crossing leading to a narrow road between buildings.  As I looked around there was a spectator standing on the other side of the stream (actually he might have been the person who took the photo) who made a small hand gesture and/or body movement indicating that the road continued across the stream.  I noticed this indication, advised Harald of this and we made the right turn to cross the stream.

We Had To Cross This A Small Stream

The photo below shows the road just after we crossed the stream.  Clearly, I was hoping that we would not meet oncoming traffic.  Later in the day, while on a narrow mountain road, we did encounter an oncoming commercial van who was kind enough to back up for about 100 meters to a place that was wide enough that we were able to pass by him.

The Narrow Road Just Across The Stream (Note that our tires were still wet)

The timing during the Baden Classic can be a little complicated.  The competitor below seems to be equipped for every eventuality.  I don’t recognize this car, but it appears to be one of the Mercedes-Benz cars that were in the rally.

One Navigator’s Timing Set-Up

The last leg of the rally was a brisk 3-lap run around a central portion of a small town.  There is a small stream that runs down the middle of the town with small rather narrow roads on either side of the stream that are linked by bridges.  For the rally the roads were shut down and we went up and down the stream, crossing at bridges to do the three laps.  Our car was a little large for the road and turning at one end of the lap was very tight.  These laps were complicated by having a passage control where we had to stop on each lap to have our score card signed.  The marshal at the passage control was very cooperative, as I held the score card on the top of the door while he initialed the card with us barely stopping.  He might have actually signed the card with us still rolling!

Harald & I Doing Laps In a Small German Town

At the end of the three laps was the final timing control, then a very short drive to the final finish line where we were presented with glasses of champagne.  The photo below shows Harald & I, just after we crossed the finish line where Harald was interviewed in German.  I just smiled, drank my champagne, and nodded in agreement with whatever Harald said during his interview.

Harald & I at the Finish of the 2012 Baden Classic

The rally ended in the downtown area of the small German town.  The area had room to park some of the cars and a few pubs/beer parlours where we could enjoy some adult beverages after the rally.

The Finish Area of the Baden Classic

The Baden Classic rally was very enjoyable and it appears that we will be going back again in 2013.

The End of the Rally

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