Heuer Sebring Stopwatch: A Classic Rally Timepiece

By way of an ongoing eBay deal, I temporarily have two Heuer stopwatches that now belong to Harald von Langsdorff.  These are excellent timepieces and were widely used in rally cars during the 1950s to 1970s.  These were replaced by electronic timers that could be manufactured at less cost than the Heuer mechanical watches that were hand-made in Switzerland.

In my opinion the Heuer Sebring stopwatch is the Heuer stopwatch to have.  There are two time scales on the face – 60 seconds (with 1/5 second increments) and the navigator-friendly 1/100 minutes decimal minutes scale.

The larger, shorter hand indicates the accumulated minutes, while the longer slimmer hand indicates the seconds and/or 1/100 minutes.

Heuer Sebring Stopwatch

The central crown is turned to wind the clock. Pushing the crown down will start the stopwatch.  When the watch is running pushing the crown again will stop the stopwatch.  To re-set the stopwatch to zero, the right-hand crown can be pushed.

A very nice feature of the Heuer Sebring stopwatch is its ability to provide split timing.  When the left hand crown is pushed, another even slimmer second-hand that normally travels in tandem with the larger second-hand will stop to provide a split time while the larger second-hand will continue on as normal.  This is shown in the photo below.

The Heuer Sebring Stopwatch Has Split Timing Capability

When using the split timing feature, pushing the left-hand crown button again will cause the split timing hand to catch up with the main second-hand and continue to move in tandem with that main second-hand.

These are very nice, useful, and elegant classic timepieces and are very nice to have, if only temporarily.

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