Images From John Fitch & Company In 1966

Yesterday Ken Jarvis from the Halifax area of Nova Scotia, Canada posted a comment under my post about the passing of legendary racer, John Fitch.  In Ken’s comment, he noted that in 1966 he and his wife drove his 1965 Corvair Corsa to the small town of Falls Village, Connecticut to have the Corvair “refreshed” by John Fitch.  At that time John Fitch’s company, John Fitch & Company, Inc., was very involved with improving the performance of Corvairs and even developing new cars based on Corvair running gear.  During Ken’s visit, Ken took some 8mm home movies of the trip.  Late last night Ken’s son, Brian, sent me a couple of “screen grabs” from that home movie.  As the images have come from an 8mm home movie, the images are not of a high quality, but they provide a good insight into what John Fitch was doing during that time of his multifaceted life.

John Fitch’s Shop in Falls Village, Connecticut

Note the upper sign on the building that says “Sprint by Fitch”.  There was a variant of the Corvair known as the Fitch Sprint.  The Fitch Sprint was a Corvair with some mechanical and styling modifications which improved the performance of the stock Corvair cars.

John Fitch at the Wheel of a Corvair in 1966

I am very grateful to Ken and his son, Brian, for sharing these images.  I first had the opportunity to meet Ken and Brian Jarvis at Targa Newfoundland where we were competitors in 2003.  Since then, both Ken and Brian have competed in Targa Newfoundland many times.  Ken and Brian are on the top shelf of car people who I have met over the years.

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