John Fitch Has Passed Away

It is with great sadness that I have to report that American racing driver, John Fitch, has passed away today at the age of 95.  He had a remarkable life:

  • During World War II John Fitch was one of the first to shoot down a German jet fighter
  • Fitch was eventually shot down during World War II and spent the remainder of the war as a prisoner of war
  • John Fitch became the first Sports Car Club of America national champion
  • Fitch was selected to be part of the great Mercedes-Benz sports car racing team in the early 1950s
  • Competed and had wins in La Carrera Panamericana, the Mille Miglia, Sebring, and many others
  • After Mercedes-Benz withdrew from racing in the mid-1950s, John Fitch headed up the Corvette Racing team
  • He was a driving force behind the construction of the Lime Rock race track and was the track manager
  • John Fitch designed those yellow barrel barriers that added greatly to road safety.  These are sometimes referred to as Fitch Barriers.
  • He was the design several Corvair variants including the Fitch Phoenix

John Fitch Racing A Corvette At Sebring

As you can see John  Fitch was quite a man and one of my heros.

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3 Responses to John Fitch Has Passed Away

  1. John Gray says:

    Steve, you have certainly covered John Fitch very well, the feature this summer as well as his birthday were top drawer. Since I have a 1969 corvair fitch sprint, I had hoped to see him again at the corvair convention this past summer but unfortunately he was not well enough to attend. Some of his friends had made certain that his phoenix was delivered and displayed inside the host hotel so that another generation could appreciate his automotive creation. John Gray Oshawa


  2. Ken Jarvis says:

    Steve, I was saddened when I read your post that John Fitch had passed away.His name was like magic and usually caught my attention.I first met John Fitch during the summer of 1966,when my wife Kaye and I drove our 1965 Corvair Corsa to Falls Village,Conn. for a makeover.The Corvair is long gone,however the memories,memorabilia and some old 8mm footage of that visit still remain.See Dec.2012 Road and Track -“John Fitch:Racing’s Unkown Hero”.Many will mourn his passing.Ken Jarvis ,Halifax,N.S.

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