2012 Graveyard Shift Rally: A Wonderful Night Rally

This past weekend I took part in the Graveyard Shift Rally.  This was a new rally that was based in Laconia, New Hampshire.  The rally started at 6:00PM Saturday night and ended around 6:00AM on Sunday morning with a little over 300 miles of rallying around New Hampshire in between.

For this rally, I was navigating for Chris Regan in his BMW E30.  Chris and I had not rallied together before, but it worked out fine.  Chris is very familiar with this car and can certainly handle this car in some of the “twisty bits” that we encountered.

Chris Regan’s BMW E30 Ready For The Graveyard Shaft Rally

It was quite easy for me to connect my Alfa Elite rally computer as Chris previously had the car wired for the same computer.  This made it easy to mount the Alfa Elite rally computer on my rally board for this rally.  The photo below shows the set-up that I used for the Equipped Class in the Graveyard Shift rally.

My Rally Board Set-Up For The Graveyard Shift Rally

For those of you not familiar with rallying in the USA, in the Sports Car Club of America rallies, the Equipped Class permits the use of full time-speed-distance rally computers.  The Alfa Elite is a very capable rally computer for this class.  We were advised beforehand that some timing calculations were required, therefore I also brought along my “Turbo Kurta” rally calculator which makes these calculations easier and quite accurate.  The smaller simple calculator is used for calculations mostly related to calibrating the rally computer.

Pre-Rally Activity In The Landmark Hotel Parking Lot

The rally route was very challenging.  In addition to the navigation issues, there were several roads that tested the cars and the drivers as well.  The rallymaster, Scott Beliveau, is to be congratulated for putting together such a challenging rally.  Due to the challenges of this rally, no novice entries were accepted for this rally.  It is nice to take part in a rally that is not reduced to the level of the least experienced participants.  There are plenty of those rallies on the schedule.

The 300 Mile Plus Graveyard Shift Rally Route

A summary of the results of the Graveyard Shift Rally is presented in the following table:

Graveyard Shift Rally
# CL Team D/N Total
4 A Mike BELIVEAU / Matt HENRY 52
5 A Adam BRODEUR / Josh BENNER 54
1 A Chris REGAN / Steve McKELVIE 95
3 A Pat MUNHALL / Marty McCAMMON 1287
2 S Will KROUSE / Scott CARLSON 455
7 S Kate MURDOUGH / Katie MOST 1304
9 S Jamie BELIVEAU / John BURKE 1509
6 S Jordan MELIM / Collin deFRIESSE 2401
10 S Greg GIBBS / Joshua GIBBS 3276

After the rally ended, many of us went to a small soda shop in downtown Laconia where I had my first experience having biscuits with sausage gravy.  Following this, we had a rather impromptu early Sunday morning gathering at rallymaster Scott Beliveau’s home in Laconia.  Scott’s wife seemed to be quite understanding.

With respect to our rally, Chris and I we got off to a difficult start to the rally, and as a result our scores in the first two legs were our undoing for the remainder of the rally where our scores for the last 17 legs were equal with the two top finishers.

Scott Carlson and Will Krouse Won the Stock Class As Scott Beliveau Looks In

The Equipped Class and the Overall competition was quite close between the teams of Mike Beliveau/Matt Henry and Adam Brodeur/Joshua Benner.  In the end the difference between these teams was 2 hundreds of a minute over 300 miles of rallying with 19 controls!

Scott Beliveau With Overall Rally Winners Matt Henry and Mike Beliveau

This rally is an event that should not be missed.  Due to the time that it takes to put this event together, it might not be run next year.  However the next time you hear that the Graveyard Shift is on – be there!

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1 Response to 2012 Graveyard Shift Rally: A Wonderful Night Rally

  1. Very cool, hope you enjoyed the night shift!

    -David Enabulele

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