Still More Hockenheim Transporter Photos

It turns out that it was my friend Paul Henshall who was looking at the Ferrari transporter at the Hockenheim track that I showed in my post of a couple of days ago.  Paul saw my post and sent me a few photos that he took on that day, some of which I have included in this post.  The photo below shows the front of the same Ferrari transporter that I showed earlier this week.  Note that the truck is a Fiat truck.  This is not surprising as Fiat is the parent corporation that owns Ferrari.

Fiat Truck Acts As A Ferrari Transporter

The image below provides a close up look at the rear end of the Ferrari sports car on the transporter.  It also shows that the transporter is definitely a two-level transporter, as the upper car ramps and storage area can be seen.

A Close Look At The Ferrari Sports Car On The Transporter

The photo below shows what appears to be a second Ferrari transporter.  The lower car at the back is an Alfa Romeo racer dating from when Enzo Ferrari’s race team was the official race team for Alfa Romeo.

Another Ferrari Transporter

The photo below shows a Mercedes-Benz service truck that is part of Stanley Mann Racing.  Stanley Mann is a major Bentley restoration and race shop in England, therefore perhaps this service vehicle might be able to carry an old Bentley in the rear.

This Mercedes-Benz Vehicle Is Fitted To Service Bentleys

Many thanks to Paul Henshall for sending me these photos.

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One Response to Still More Hockenheim Transporter Photos

  1. I got a private email message from Paul Henshall in which he said that the Ferrari transporter shown with the Ferrari sports car and the Ferrari transporter with the Alfa Romeo is the same transporter except that one picture was taken at Hockenheim in 2010 (with the Alfa Romeo) and the other in 2011 (with the Ferrari sports car).

    Steve McKelvie

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