More Car Transporters And Service Vehicles

Last week I posted about the fast car transporter that Mercedes-Benz built in 1955 to carry their race cars to and from races.  This reminded me of a visit that I had to the Hockenheim race track in 2011 to take in the Jim Clark Memorial Races.  As many of you know, the great race driver, Jim Clark, was killed in a Formula 2 race on April 7, 1968 at the Hockenheim track.  While at the Hockenheim track that day I took some photos of a portion of the paddock area which showed several older style car transporters.

Some Transporters In The Paddock At The Jim Clark Memorial Gathering at Hockenheim in April 2011

In the foreground is a rather large Ferrari transporter, but in the background several Mercedes-Benz based transporters can be seen.

As an side, as I was looking closely at the above picture, I think that the person with the red jacket on checking out the Ferrari on the Ferrari transporter is Paul Henshall, who was one of my traveling companions on that trip to Germany.  We went on that trip primarily to compete in the Baden Classic car rally, but went to the Jim Clark Memorial Races at Hockenheim on the day after the rally.

This Shows Some Smaller Service Vehicles At Hockenheim

These older transporters are rather attractive and have a timeless style to them.

A Closer View of the Ferrari Transporter

In addition to the transporters that I saw at Hockenheim, I recently saw an older style Alfa Romeo service vehicle at the Lime Rock Historic Festival.

Alfa Romeo Service Vehicle

The Alfa Romeo vehicle is not big enough to transport a race vehicle; however it is certainly large enough to carry mechanics, tools, and some spare parts to service a race car.

The Interior Of The Alfa Romeo Vehicle Is Rather Austere

I had spoken with the person who was with this vehicle and I expressed my surprise at seeing an Alfa Romeo truck in the USA, but he said that a few of these trucks were imported.  I don’t recall seeing an Alfa Romeo truck before I saw this truck.

This Vehicle Had Just Come Off A Complete Restoration

There no doubt many interesting race car transporters and service vehicles, but these older vehicles are very eye-catching.

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