The Alfa Elite: This A-Box Rally Computer Rates An “A”

In the next two rallies that I will be competing in, the Night Trial in Quebec and the Graveyard Shift in New Hampshire, I will be using an Alfa Elite rally computer.  I have had this rally computer for about 9 years and it has always worked flawlessly for me.  The performance key to this rally computer is that it has the continual ability to let the driver know if he running on time.  It has a display that continually shows how many seconds or hundredths of a minute the pace of the car is off the perfect time.  This makes this unit a very powerful rally computer.

Alfa Elite Rally Computer

This type of rally computer is frequently referred to as an “A Box”, as using a rally computer that links the time with the distance traveled would require that the rally team compete in SCCA Class “A” or the “Equipped” class.  This Alfa Elite rally computer provides the rally team with a great deal of information and flexibility to allow the teams to run on time, all of the time.

The Alfa Elite rally computer has the main navigator’s console and a separate driver’s display to allow the driver to get information without asking the navigator who might be deeply involved in some other navigational/timing issue at that moment.

The navigator’s console displays the following information:

  • The odometer reading
  • The “real” time of day
  • The calculated or perfect time at the odometer reading
  • The current required average speed
  • The next average speed

The driver’s display lets the driver know the following information:

  • The odometer reading
  • The required average speed or “CAS”
  • The actual speed
  • Time head or behind from the perfect time

The Alfa Elite rally computer has lots of operational features to are too many to list here, so I would recommend that you go to the website for Alfa Small Systems who manufacture and sell the Alfa Elite rally computer.  Also, I have found that the owner of this company Mike Freidman is very approachable and helpful if advice is needed.  Several times I have contacted Mike to ask him a question related to one of his products and every time Mike has responded in a timely and helpful manner.  Further, it is not unusual to see Mike entered in a local rally, so he is very familiar with the needs of rally competitors.

The Alfa Elite rally computer has recently been significantly updated.  The list of improvements is rather long and again I would refer people to the Alfa Small Systems website to see all of the new features.

In summary, the Alfa Elite is a very good rally computer, I am very satisfied with the Alfa Elite that I have, and I would certainly recommend it to any rally competitor who needs to run on the time, all the time.  It surely rates an “A”.

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3 Responses to The Alfa Elite: This A-Box Rally Computer Rates An “A”

  1. Brian Jarvis says:

    Hey Steve! I just nav’d a rally using an Alfa Elite for the first time today. Apart from my own blunder misreading some section instructions it was pretty nifty! Compared to the TimeWise 798 I usually use, my driver found the Alfa had much more info available for him to access on his Disply without having to consult with me on the fly… can you post a note on your blog asking if anyone is interested in selling an Alfa Elite to contact me?! Thanks and hope all is well!

  2. peter schneider says:

    Are you still looking to buy an Alfa?

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