Steve Levesque & I To Compete in the Night Trial Rally In Quebec

The Sports Motor Car Club of Montreal will be holding the Night Trial Rally on October 13, 2012 in Bromont, Quebec.  I will be entering this rally as the navigator for Steve Levesque of New Hampshire.  This is a 256 kilometre long evening rally on the mostly gravel roads through the ski hills around Bromont.  Many of these roads are the same roads that could be part of the Rallye des Neiges rally that is a very challenging winter rally.

Go To the SMCC Website Listed Above To Get More Information About the Night Trial Rally

For those of you who do not speak French, do not worry – all of the meetings and instructions are provided in both French and English.  Additionally, for this rally, the route instructions will be in the form of tulips, which are in the universal language of “rally” for both the “Expert” and “Novice” classes.  Rally experience not navigation equipment is used to define the competitive classes.

Registration begins at 5:30PM with the first car away at 7:01PM and it is planned that the first car will be back to Bromont at 11:00PM.  The entry fee is attractive at $30 or $40, depending upon club affiliation.

Steve and I will be using Steve’s BMW M3 for this rally.  This car has sat mostly unused since taking part in the Mt. Washington Hill Climb in 2011.  Therefore the car needs to be registered and freshened up a little for the Night Trial Rally.  We will have to install a more appropriate rally computer in the car for the Night Trial rally rather than the current odometer in the BMW which was selected for stage rally purposes.

Steve Levesque’s BMW M3 at Rally New York 2010

Because the car has not run in some time, Steve has decided to trailer the car up to Bromont, Quebec, that way if we have any mechanical troubles, then we can put the car back on the trailer and we know that we will be able to get home regardless of what happens.

We have been talking with another New England based rally team who are very interested in going up to Quebec with us, so perhaps the New England rally scene will be well represented in the Night Trial.

The website for the Sports Motor Car Club of Montreal has more information, including videos and maps, about this rally.  Click on the link below to get to their website.

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