Stay To The Left, Stay To The Right Rally Provides Lots of Class Options

This weekend, on Sunday September 30, 2012, the fourth running of the Stay To The Left Stay To The Right Rally will take place in Pitman, New Jersey.  The rally is hosted by the South Jersey Region of the Sports Car Club of America. The following link will take you to their website:

One of the interesting things about this rally is that there will be a “Tech” Class that will allow the use of your Smart Phone, Laptop, iPad, or similar device.  Also this rally will permit the use of GPS units in all classes.  This can be helpful to identify roads that you will encounter.

In addition to the expanded navigation equipment classes, this rally will also offer both a Touring Class competition and a Course Class competition in the same rally. As a result, this rally offers a wide variety of competition options.  These options are explained in the flyer for the rally.  Just click on the pdf file link below to see the flyer for this event which includes an entry form.


I hope that this rally is a success as the organizers have gone out-of-the-way to allow competitors to find a competition class that suits them.

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