Results From Targa Newfoundland 2012

The 2012 running of Targa Newfoundland is now complete.  I was tied up in a week-long business meeting, but I was able to follow the daily results which were posted in a timely manner on the Targa Newfoundland website.

I was disappointed to hear of the first day crash of my friends Afshin Montazeri and Paul Brown in Afshin’s BMW M3.  This crash put them out of the competition very shortly after Targa Newfoundland started.  This must have been very disappointing for Afshin and Paul.

The Grand Touring Class was interesting to follow during the week as there were a larger number of competitive stages with some of the top teams taking penalties each day causing the standings to frequently change.  In fact, the lead in this class changed on the last day.  In this class, I had expected the team of Roy Hopkins/Adrienne Hughes to score a little higher, but obviously they had some difficulties on a couple of stages on Day 4.

There was no surprise in the Targa Classic Class as Targa veteran Scott Giannou along with his co-driver Ray Felice repeated their class win.  I note than Bill Shanahan/Murray Smith were in third in a Porsche 911.  In the past, Bill Shanahan has competed in this event and La Carrera Panamericana using American V8 powered cars.  I should add that Murray Smith is one of the chief organizers behind the Lime Rock Historic Festival.

In the Targa Modern Class Comrie-Picard/O’Kane won with a comfortable margin in a Mitsubishi Evo 9.  Doug Mepham had a good finish in third position in his Mini Cooper S JCW.

The team of Dyer/Grant won the Open Class also in a Mitsubishi.  The Open Class was somewhat more competitive than the other classes except for the Grand Touring Class.  There was quite a contrast between the second and third place cars, with a Fiat 500 Abarth finishing ahead of a very high horsepower Ford Shelby GT500.

The top three positions in each class along with their total penalty times are presented in the following table.

2012 Targa Newfoundland Results

Grand Touring
1 Hume/MacMullen BMW 335is 0:16
2 Riddell/De Lange Mini Countryman 0:22
3 Hume/Van Adrichem BMW M3 0:46
Targa Classic
1 Giannou/Felice Porsche 911SC 0:56
2 Gill/Didcock Ford Escort RS1800 2:17
3 Shanahan/Smith Porsche 911 4:25
Targa Modern
1 Comrie-Picard/O’Kane Mitsubishi Evo 9 0:26
2 Caswell/Reinhardt BMW M3 2:12
3 Mepham/Solecki Mini Cooper S JCW 5:48
Open Class
1 Dyer/Grant Mitsubishi 2:32
2 Hubinette/Horsey Fiat 500 Abarth 3:10
3 Halleran/Halleran Ford Shelby GT500 3:27

I hope to be able to get to Targa Newfoundland in 2013.

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2 Responses to Results From Targa Newfoundland 2012

  1. The team of Dyer and Crant (not Grant) put on a spectacular show as they took the open class over Hubinette and Horsey. This was a great drive and navigation over the two pros. You missed a great race. Dyer and Crant along with Howard and Kelland also raised tens of thousands of dollars for Ronald McDonald House.

    • Hi Sue,
      I would expect that it was much more exciting to be there as compared to merely following the results. Hubinette is a good wheelman and Jen is an excellent co-driver.

      I hope to be taking part next year and, in fact, I have already accepted an offer to be a co-driver/navigator in next year’s Targa Newfoundland.

      It is also very good news that those teams were able to raise some much money for Ronald McDonald. You should be proud. I was not aware of that and I would appreciate more information about the teams which I could post on this website.

      Steve McKelvie

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