Book About Ronnie Adams, Winner of the 1956 Monte Carlo Rally

Yesterday an interesting book arrived in the mail.  The book is titled “From Craigantlet to Monte Carlo”  subtitled “The Rallies of Ronnie Adams – The First Ulsterman To Win The Monte Carlo Rally”.

How I acquired this book is also quite interesting.  I attended the 2012 Lime Rock Historic Festival in early September.  This is a great car show, which should not be missed.  One car that caught my attention was a very well-engineered and prepared MG TD that was fitted with a very powerful V8 engine.  I included a picture of this very eye-catching car in my post on this website on September 3, 2012 about the Lime Rock Historic Festival.  The main builder and owner of this V8-powered MG TD car, Kurt Kiefer of St. James, New York happened to notice my post.  He posted a comment to me in the “About” portion of this  website.

As it turns out, Kurt had a friend of his, Kenneth Adams, also in attendance at Lime Rock.  Kenneth Adams is the son of Ronnie Adams, the great English rallyist from the 1950s and winner of the 1956 Monte Carlo Rally as a member of the Jaguar Works Team.  The exploits of Ronnie Adams are documented in the above referenced book.  On his own, Kurt Kieffer decided to send a copy of this book to me because he could see from this website that I am very interested in rallying.  I am very humbled to receive such a rally book from a person whom I have never met.  I am very grateful to Kurt Kieffer and perhaps I will have the opportunity to meet him and Kenneth Adams in the future in order to thank them personally.

I have not had the opportunity to read this book yet, but it appears to be very interesting and it has a large number of photographs from the rallies that Ronnie Adams took part in.  I have included a couple of the images from this book.

Ronnie Adams In A Sunbeam Rapier in the 1959 Alpine Rally

When I finish reading the book I will provide more specific comments about the book and the rallies of Ronnie Adams.

Ronnie Adams’ Ford Works Team Car at the 1958 Alpine Rally

As you can see from my choice of photos, I am always impressed by the scenes from the old Alpine Rally.  The mountain views are spectacular!

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