2012 Lime Rock Historic Festival Was Spectacular!

Yesterday I attended the 2012 Lime Rock Historic Festival held at the Lime Rock race track in Lakeville, Connecticut.  The weekend mainly consists of historic car racing, however at the Lime Rock race track racing is not allowed on Sundays because of noise restrictions.  In the place of racing, the track is lined with hundreds of very interesting cars as part of a very large, very interesting car show.  In the upcoming weeks and months I will highlight some of these cars, but today I will just show some random photos that I took yesterday.  I must give particular thanks to Bob Melhado, Chief Steward for the event, for his wonderful hospitality at the event and for introducing me to some wonderful car people.

Along the front straight there are some concours cars and all around the track there are groups of various car marques.  The image below shows a some of the many BMW cars that were taking part in the 2012 Lime Rock Historic Festival.

A Group Of BMWs Along the Lime Rock Track

One of the cars in the concours competition was a delicious looking MG TC.  This was a wonderful example of one of the most important cars in American sports car history.

A Wonderful MG TC at Lime Rock

I was able to get a full tour of the Lime Rock track from Bob Melhado during which we went through the paddock and swap meet area.  During this tour we came across a very impressive Porsche race car.

A Porsche Racer in Classic Livery

In addition to some wonderful standard cars, there were a few one-off cars that were very interesting.  One of those interesting cars was a MG with a V8 engine that looked like a combination of sports car and hot rod.  It was a very impressive car in a yellow color that could stood out in the crowd.

MG With A V8 Engine

Another unusual yellow vehicle at the Lime Rock Historic Festival was an Alfa Romeo competition support vehicle.  Apparently this was one of about six trucks that Alfa Romeo imported into the United States to support Alfa Romeo cars that were racing.  These trucks were not large enough to carry the cars inside, but they were sufficiently large to carry a complete supply of necessary spare parts and tools.

An Alfa Romeo Competition Support Vehicle

One of the honors that the Lime Rock Historic Festival had this year was the presence of Sir Stirling Moss, one of the greatest race car drivers of all time.  We were fortunate to come across Sir Stirling having an extended discussion with a gentleman who is an extraordinary race fan.  This fellow, despite being disabled, has attended 35 races so far this year!  This is a real car guy!  The picture below shows Sir Stirling Moss and the show organizer, Murray Smith, talking to this race fan.  In addition to organizing the Lime Rock Historic Festival, Murray Smith will again be competing in Targa Newfoundland in another week.

Sir Stirling Moss and Murray Smith Talking To An Extraordinary Race Fan

The Lime Rock Historic Festival is a great show and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in cars.  It is spectacular!

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