Images From the 2012 Baden Classic Rally

This spring Harald von Langsdorff of Caledon, Ontario competed in the 2012 Baden Classic rally which was held in the vicinity of Baden, Germany.  This is a rally that is part of the 17-rally series that makes up the ADAC FIVA Historic Trophy for “oldtimer” cars.  The series has 7 classes, based on the age of the cars, with cars made up to December 31, 1982 eligible for competition.

Harald has a lovely 1958 Mercedes-Benz 220S Cabriolet that is stored in Germany and Harald asked me to be his navigator for this rally.  I also was lucky enough to navigate for Harald in this rally in 2011 as well.  Recently, I was looking at some of the photos that I took during the 2012 Baden Classic rally and I have picked out just a few to include in this post.

The picture below shows Harald and the car going through a technical inspection when we completed our on-site registration.  This process is very similar to the inspection process that is common in North American rallies.

Harald von Langsdorff Taking His Car Through Technical Inspection

The picture below shows some of the cars that were parked at the start location for the 2012 Baden Classic rally.  As you can see, there was a wide variety of cars taking part in the rally.  Some of the cars were set up as full-time rally cars, while others were cars that were prepared especially for this rally.  In the picture below you can see a BMW 2002, a MGB, a couple of Mercedes-Benz cars, a VW Beetle, even a Mini Moke, a Triumph TR6, a Renault, and a Porsche.  A very interesting group of cars.

Some Cars at the Start of the 2012 Baden Classic

The picture below also shows some of the other cars at the start of the 2012 Baden Classic rally.  You can see an Alfa Romeo sedan, a couple of Volvos, what I believe is a Fiat coupe, a Mercedes-Benz, VW Beetle, and another Alfa Romeo sedan.

More Cars at the Start of the 2012 Baden Classic Rally

The rally began at 2:30PM on Friday April 27.  We had an evening stop for a meal around 5:00PM.  The one hour stop was at a lovely resort called Dollenberg.  We had a great meal and we were able to enjoy a lovely view of a local valley.

Evening Break at the Dollenberg Resort

On Saturday, our lunch break was at a much smaller, but equally nice inn called Kurhaus in Dobel.  The picture below shows a couple of BMWs and a Porsche at the Kurhaus.

Saturday Morning Break at the Kurhaus in Dobel

Our Saturday lunch break was interesting.  Lunch was held at a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Baden-Baden.  Before we actually stopped for lunch, there was a slalom course set out by cones around the Mercedes-Benz dealership property.  We were given a target time for the course, 58 seconds as I recall.  We were able to make our time and actually had to slow the car down slightly at the finish timing line.

A 1967 Alfa Romeo Spider on the Slalom Course at the Mercedes-Benz Dealership in Baden-Baden

At the finish of the Baden Classic Rally in Michelbach, there was a finishing arch where we were presented with glasses of wine and were interviewed by a local personality.  It was quite nice as there were nearby open air cafes and places which served adult beverages.  The picture below shows a 1960 Porsche 356 1600 Super at the Baden Classic finish line.

The 2012 Baden Classic Finish Line

Harald and I really enjoyed the rally.  Both the rally route and weather were great.  We met a lot of nice people and made a few friends. We finished in the middle of the field and managed not to embarrass ourselves.  These few photos do not do the rally justice, as the roads and views through the Black Forest area of Germany are spectacular.

Harald von Langsdorff and I Enjoying Our Glass of Wine at the End of the 2012 Baden Classic Rally

At this time, we are planning to go back in 2013 to compete once again in the Baden Classic and both Harald and I are looking forward to that event.

In future posts I will feature some of the cars that took part in the rally.

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