1968 American Motors Corporation AMX

In March 1968, the American Motors Corporation (AMC) introduced an mid-year addition to its car model – the AMX.  The AMX was a 2-seat performance car with a short 97-inch wheelbase.  The styling was much like the Javelin “pony” car  which had went on sale in September, 1967.  While the Javelin’s grille had a center trim piece, the AMX grille was devoid of the center trim piece.  In fact, the AMX is so close to the Javelin in styling that it appeared that the AMX was a shortened version of the Javelin.  The Javelin had a wheelbase of 109 inches, so it was almost like AMC cut 12 inches from the Javelin, just behind the front seat.

The 1968 AMC AMX Was Perhaps the Cleanest Design of the AMX Cars

I think that the AMX was developed with the overall goal of being part of a campaign to show that AMC was truly in the performance car business.  During the mid 1960s, the marketing interest in the USA was on the performance cars and AMC needed performance cars to tout in their advertising.  AMC raced cars in the Trans Am Series as well as in NASCAR.

The Emblem on the Rear Fender Shows that this AMX has the 290 V8 engine

The 1968 AMX came with three different V8 engines.  The standard AMX V8 engine was the 290 cubic inch four-barrel carburetted engine that produced 225 horsepower.  There were two optional engines available in the AMX – the 343 cubic inch engine that put out 280 horsepower and the 390 cubic inch engine that put out 315 horsepower.

The standard transmission in the 1968 AMX was a four-speed manual transmission with an optional automatic transmission.

The AMX’s Standard 290 Cubic Inch 225 Horsepower V8 Engine

The 1968 AMX features included thin shell reclining bucket seats, carpeted interior, wood grained steering wheel and door trim.

This 1968 AMX Has the Optional Automatic Transmission

In 1968 AMX was not a high production car with a total of 6,725 cars being produced.  The base factory price of the 1968 AMX was $3,245, which was about $700 more than the base Javelin.

Of all of the AMX cars, I think that the 1968 model is the best looking.  During the model’s brief life, AMC added minor design features to the AMX, but in my mind the original was the best.

For a more broader discussion on the AMX cars, refer to a post that I made on April 13, 2012.

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