Unknown Car In Dublin, Ireland

Frequently I get photos of cars from people asking me to help identify the car.  North Americans who travel to Europe see many car brands and/or models that are not available in North America.  Actually it seems that most small European cars are not imported into North America.

Recently John Simonson, from the upper New York State area was in Dublin, Ireland.  John spotted a car several times that he was unfamiliar with.  I too do not know this car.  John sent me two photos of this car and I have shown them below.

The Vehicle Seems to Be A Two-Seat Car

The Hinge Placement on the Rear Deck is Interesting

If you can help John and I identify this car and provide some information about it, please leave a comment to this posting.  Thanks!

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6 Responses to Unknown Car In Dublin, Ireland

  1. Steve says:

    That looks like a Nissan Figaro, a ‘retro car’ made by the Japanese automaker some years back

    • Thanks Steve,
      I did a “google” search for this car and you’ve clearly identified this car. It is an interesting little car.

      Thank you very much for identifying this car!

      Steve McKelvie

  2. Boo Long says:

    Although only sold new in Japan, lots of these have ended up i the UK and Ireland, with us sharing right-hand-drive.

  3. Jeff says:

    It’s name is figaro!!

  4. Jeff says:

    Mr.boo long is correct. Did not see his post till after. I commented..

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