2012 Great Race Winners

The 2012 Great Race is now in the books.  From what I have read online, it seems that the competitors enjoyed the event.  I am pleased that the Sportsman Class was won by Brian Blood and Steve Keller.  They did an excellent job in their first Great Race.

Navigator Steve Keller and Driver Brian Blood Accept The Sportsman Class Trophy From Corky Coker

What clearly demonstrates Brian and Steve’s skill is that their car, a 1969 Saab, was in effect a “new” car and as such received no scoring factor.  Older cars had their error times reduced based on the age of the car.  Brian and Steve’s error times were not reduced.

Brian Blood and Steve Keller in Their Saab in Barrie, Ontario

The overall Great Race winners were Irene Jason/Barry Jason who were at or near the front of the field all week.

Car #35 Is the Overall Winning Jason/Jason Entry

The Expert Class was won by Jody Knowles and Beth Gentry in their nice 1932 Ford.

The Knowles/Gentry Entry Won the Expert Class

Next year the Great Race will start in Minneapolis/St. Paul and will travel south from there.  This event seems to be blooming from its recent revival and I hope that next year the event is even better.

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