1938 Chevrolet Two-Door Business Coupe

Recently I was at a car show where there was a 1938 Chevrolet Coupe on display.  I understand that the car has been owned by the same family since it was new.

The 1938 Chevrolet Master Business Coupe

I believe that this model is the Master Business Coupe.  The more upscale Master Deluxe Business Coupe had signal lights and windshield wipers as standard equipment.  I did not see any signal lights on this car, so on that basis, I believe that this car is basic Master Business Coupe.

The Business Coupes Only Had a Front Bench Seat and a Very Large Trunk

The business coupe appealed to people who needed basic transportation to drive to work.  It was also popular with traveling salesmen who needed a large trunk to carry samples around to their potential customers.

The 1938 Chevrolets Were Powered By an Inline Overhead Valve 6-cylinder Engine

The 1938 Chevrolets were powered by a 216 cubic inch overhead valve 6-cylinder engine.  The engine had a compression ratio of 6.25:1 and produced 85 horsepower at 3,200 rpm and 160 lbs/ft of torque at 1,400 rpm.  While Chevrolet’s competition, Ford, had the flathead V8 engine, it too produced 85 horsepower, so Chevrolet was not giving anything away in terms of power to Ford.

The Interior of the 1938 Chevrolet Is Basic, But Tasteful

The 1938 Chevrolet had a synchronized floor-mounted 3-speed transmission.  The interior is rather plain, but very functional and clutter free.  I rather like it.

A Chevrolet Ad From 1938

These late 1930’s Chevrolet Business Coupes were the cars that Juan Manuel Fangio used to develop his racing skills on those long Argentina road races.  These days several of these 1938 Chevrolet Business Coupes have successfully competed in the Peking-to-Paris rallies.

This 1938 Chevrolet Has Been Very Nicely Restored

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14 Responses to 1938 Chevrolet Two-Door Business Coupe

  1. Terry Horrocks says:

    I have this same car. I bought it in 1964. It belonged to two spinster sisters who purchased it new. Actual mileage is around 31,000 at this point in time.

  2. In the 2013 Peking to Paris Rally, a 1937 “Chevrolet Fangio Coupe” won the race! It defeated
    vintage Bentleys and Rolls-Royces and all other American makes, including Chrysler, Cadillac,
    Packard, and a 1940 Ford coupe, which finished third.

  3. Curt says:

    I have a 1938 Chevy Master Deluxe coupe all original in excellent condition. Black exterior and beige interior. Been in the family for over 60 yrs. Could you give me a way to go about finding out what it’s worth and a good place to sell it.
    My dad completely tore it down and took 11 years rebuilding it original. You will not find a more perfect car.

    • I am not an expert on this subject (I would love to get an antique car, like a 41 Buick Special
      fastback sedan), but I would advise you to check the Kelley Blue Book on the Internet to find the
      value of your car, and then put it in Hemmings Motor News, which lists antique cars and is sold all
      over the country. The listings are alphabetic and by year, of course, and some interested party is
      bound to see your car, which looks like it’s in great condition.

    • Curt, I just replied to your question with misinformation about getting the value of your 38 Chevy.
      On the internet, look up Old Car Value Bluebook, not Kelley Blue Book, which is for finding out
      the value of newer used cars, not antique cars. Sorry, and good luck.

    • Butch Cottle says:

      i’am interested in your car if you still have it.You can reach me at 1-800-792-2077
      Thank you,
      Butch Cottle

    • James Duran says:

      Is car available?

    • Paul Marquis says:

      I had one of these back in the 80’s and am so sorry I sold it. At the time my then wife was pregnant with our first son. So it makes me sick to my stomach when I see one of these all original. Mine had an unusual roof radio antenna which was a circle with three different spikes raking towards the back of the car. If you are selling please send me some picks. I would love to see it and maybe make an offer.

    • Hi Curt – I am interested in your 1938 Chevy. Please contact me via email ddegroen@yahoo.com. Thank you. Dirk

    • Andre Du Preez says:

      Good day, I am very interested to purchase this vehicle please e mail me the details andred@family7.co.za regards

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